June 2, 2021

When Do Elevator Ceiling Panels Need Replacing?

A custom elevator is one of many complicated mechanical systems present in many modern-day buildings. Knowing when to bite the bullet and invest in upgrades such as replacing elevator ceiling panels is critical for proper maintenance and operation.  In systems with as many complex parts, keeping up with elevator maintenance and repair work remains vital to the safety and comfort of users. Keeping a good maintenance and repair schedule can help ensure this essential system stays in tip-top shape. To help building managers better manage this aspect of elevator cabin renovation, read the following considerations regarding when to get new ceiling panels.

Replace Elevator Ceiling Panels as Part of Whole Cabin Renovations

When the time comes to install new ceiling panels, it is usually a good idea to do complete cabin renovations to handle everything all at once. There are several key benefits to gain from taking this approach with high-rise elevator systems:

  • Ensures enough materials are on hand to get the job done.
  • Streamlines work, so maintenance crews don’t have to make return trips.
  • Help keep various parts of the cabin looking good and ensuring they match.
  • Make cleaning and maintenance easier daily for maintenance crews.
  • Keeps budgeting and financial management simple and easy.

Taking care of the entire cabin system at once is an innovative and efficient way to handle renovations, maintenance, and upgrade to the elevator cab system and keep everything in tip-top shape. 

Evaluate the Aesthetic During Redesign to Cut Additional Costs

One of the most significant obstacles that face maintenance teams and building managers remains juggling the costs of care and renovations. A simple yet very effective way to cut additional costs is to handle elevator upgrades and innovations simultaneously as a complete project. Rather than replacing elevator ceiling panels one week, then a few weeks later doing the wall paneling and a month later replacing the flooring, it should all get done at the same time. Bringing all the materials in at once, having the same team handle all the repair or renovation work, and shutting the elevator down for a day or two can help consolidate work and expense for elevator interior maintenance.

Simplify the Elevator Ceiling Panels Replacement by Combining With Wall Panels

If the entire elevator cabin doesn’t need work when the elevator ceiling panels need replacement, then consider replacing them simultaneously as the wall paneling.  This can have several benefits, such as:

  • Matching look and aesthetics for the entire cabin space.
  • Streamlined maintenance schedule to reduce waste.
  • Simplified monitoring process and maintenance schedule.
  • Less down time and unavailability by consolidating work.
  • Better overall upkeep and repairs to meet safety standards.

Maintenance and repairs don’t always coincide, but when work can remain coordinated, it can go a long way in improving efficiency and overall operations.

Replace When Dated Design or Visible Wear and Tear Exists and Becomes Apparent

The final factor to consider when it comes to upgrading elevator ceiling panels is when they obviously have seen better days and begin to show their age and wear. Ragged, stained, damaged, and worn paneling can make the elevator cab look dirty and dingy. This, in turn, can make the rest of the building look and feel less than stellar to occupants and visitors. Replacing and upgrading paneling to keep up with current trends and to ensure pleasing aesthetics are maintained. It can also go a long way to support proper maintenance and upkeep schedules. 

Let the Experts Handle Elevator Ceiling Panels Replacement

The best way to ensure all renovations and upgrades remain appropriately handled is to work with experts in everything elevator-related. Managing costs, streamlining renovation work, keeping things up to date, and maintaining safe elevator operations are critical to good building management and facility operations. So, work with the experts and secure the best elevator cab solutions available. Request a consultation with The JOBS Group to learn more today.