March 10, 2021

Adding Value to the Building: High Rise Maintenance Systems That Won’t Break the Budget

Keeping up with a high-rise maintenance system can be a full-time job. That’s especially true when exterior upkeep or metal refinishing isn’t routinely performed For instance, failures in the system could lead to façade damage. According to Facility Executive, “Protecting the public is the primary objective of a façade inspection, and the second objective is to identify locations where water may be entering the façade.” Of course, the façade is only one small part of the whole picture in leveraging a maintenance system and keeping costs under control. To that end, here are some simple tips to stay on top of maintenance and keep any commercial structure in the best shape possible. 

Schedule Routine Building Care and Upkeep

The success or failure of a high-rise maintenance system depends on the team implementing and overseeing its use across day-to-day operations. Professional window washing and cleaning services are in high demand today because of their impact on building aesthetics and appeal. Routine care and upkeep come down to setting up a system that works and is easy to maintain. 

Consider Sealant Services

Regardless of how old a building may be, repeated use will affect the overall aesthetic. And swear and tear can also lead to premature deterioration if unaddressed. High-rise maintenance systems that include exterior washing and maintenance can help prevent issues and keep buildings looking great. Furthermore, proper sealants help to maintain the integrity of the building envelope. Sealant services are a simple but essential part of building maintenance. 

Plan Routine Facade Refinishing 

Maintaining and refinishing common building materials such as brick, stone, and metal requires specialty services that account for design elements, environmental aspects, and other unique factors.  Skyscraper maintenance systems will benefit from periodic façade upgrades and even waterproofing services to fight the effects of deterioration and improve overall structural integrity.

Refresh with Exterior Painting 

Waterproofing is an essential service for the high-rise maintenance system and makes it easier to inspect, repair, waterproof, paint, maintain, and preserve the curb appeal of any building. Exterior painting and refinishing services also help to keep metals and non-porous surfaces looking their best. Start with routine inspections to identify possible issues, make repairs, and then schedule a paint-job. Exterior painting is a great way to affordably add value, plus it puts eyes on the building so that any potential problems are detected earlier.

Remove Stains, Dirt, and Debris 

Pressure washing transforms the building aesthetic and helps reduce damage caused by the elements.  High-rise maintenance systems rely on routines and scheduled services like power washing to keep windows and exteriors in good condition all year long. As an add-on service,  pressure washing is a popular choice for building managers everywhere. 

Tap Experience and Affordability of High Rise Maintenance Systems With the Right Partner.

To see how high-rise maintenance systems can better streamline your building management routine, request a JOBS consultation today. It’s time to take control and the building aesthetic back from the elements.