SafeSite Program

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Compliance Simplified

Every building is unique, regulations change, the industry’s safety and compliance standards will continually evolve — and who can keep track of it all? As an enrolled subscriber to our SafeSite Program, we can help you and your property manage these demands more easily than ever.

About Us


Our mission is to reduce the time, energy, and burden that would be required of building owners and their representatives to manage and support proper compliance oversight.

The SafeSite Program provides subscribers with turn-key solutions and management, to support every building’s unique compliance requirements and risk-management needs.


  • SafeSite’s leadership team – The industry’s only known dedicated division of experts, our SafeSite team provides support for our clients and operational teams to achieve the highest levels of safety and compliance.
  • Regulation integration program – Our SafeSite subscription includes a step-wise program to support our clients on a pathway to compliance – both with existing and changing regulations and standards.
  • Technology – SafeSite subscription provides our clients with exclusive access to our online portal. This portal provides clients with a resource for compliance related information, a road map to compliance management, and a resource to access all historical compliance-related documentation.
  • 3rd-party partnerships – Our SafeSite team has created strategic relationships with the most qualified 3rd party partners that have the experience to best serve our clients’ needs.

5 Pillars of Support


  • We facilitate the required annual inspection and provide a report detailing further compliance requirements or recommendations.
  • We evaluate compliance deficiencies.
  • We ensure proper support with our professional engineering partners.
  • We facilitate and support all additional required compliance needs.


SafeSite provides documentation, organization, and management so you can maintain a library of historical compliance-related documentation.

  • Proof of qualifications – SafeSite maintains all worker-training documents to ensure workers meet and exceed all OSHA requirements and industry standards. SafeSite also provides written documentation signed by each individual worker servicing the property.
  • Compliance manuals – The most up-to-date manual with a breakdown of OSHA regulations and industry standards.
  • Documented safety training program – We continually create new safety and training programs to ensure our workers are operating at the highest levels of safety and compliance.
  • Documented safety inspection program – Each crew member is inspected regularly for safe and compliant behavior.


  • Site-specific training program – We build site-specific work plans and training videos.
  • Morning assurances – We contact our crews each morning to ensure safety and compliance requirements are thoroughly understood. We also contact our clients to let them our crews have been properly prepared.
  • Consultations – We provide consultation on compliance requirements for all work requiring façade or roof access.
  • Communication of inspection results – We will always review, analyze, and communicate the results of any compliance reports.


We believe an informed client is the only way to become a protected client; we offer:

  • Site-specific presentations
  • Group educational seminars


When hired contractors conduct any work that is considered high-risk, it is important for building owners and managers to have a partner that properly insulates them from risks when it matters most.

  • $22 million insurance – As the industry leader, we have always offered the industry’s highest level of insurance protection.
  • Emergency response team – If an incident occurs, our team will accurately assess any exposure and liability to protect all parties involved.