Custom Elevator Interiors

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Your story on every floor

Cab interiors should reflect your building’s brand and value. AMST, a Valcourt Company, has over 15 years of elevator cab design, fabrication, and installation experience. Our team understands how the cab exterior framing and shells define the interior décor. We work with you to understand your aesthetic, choose building materials, handle the details, and install a safe and timeless elevator. For ideas and inspiration, download our brochure or view the video below:

Benefits include:

Material Versatility

Our team has versatility to work with metal, glass, wood, stone, or plastic and provide a short turnaround time.

Design Choice

We offer both custom design and a variety of pre-engineered designs. Choosing pre-engineered provides quicker installation, which minimizes downtime.

Fabrication and Engraving

We have in-house fabrication and engraving services for doors, walls, floors, call plates, card readers, and floor indicators

Focus on Safety

Our manufacturing and installation adheres to the highest industry standards and the
most stringent safety codes.