December 10, 2020

Metal Refinishing Services for High Rises: 4 Questions to Ask

The building envelope is continuously subjected to the elements. While waterproofing can help, environmental effects can leave a building’s metal features looking older, worn, and lackluster. When this occurs, it is time to consider metal refinishing services. Metal refinishing restores the appearance of a building and extends its overall lifespan. The goal of building owners is to reduce the overall cost of ownership and increase revenue. Metal refinishing services can help achieve these goals. 

1. Are Metal Refinishing Services Really Worth It?

Metal refinishing services restore a building to its original glory. Aside from giving an owner something to be proud of, it can increase the building’s value. There are many ways metal refinishing services benefit a building owner, such as: 

  • Restores metal, so it looks newer. 
  • Removes dark spots, scratches, or dings. 
  • Decreases the long-term costs of maintenance while increasing the building’s value. 
  • Attracts more clients with a well-kept building

By refinishing the metals in and outside of a building, building owners can remove any visible damages, including on elevator surfaces—which tend to have a higher cost to maintain, according to FacilitiesNet. Ultimately, refinishing metals can reduce long-term costs and bring in more business. 

2. Will Refinished Surfaces Require Continuous Maintenance?

Metal refinishing services rejuvenate a building but it also comes with new cleaning routines. After refinishing any part of a building’s appearance, it is crucial to properly care for the refinished surfaces. Regular janitorial maintenance is essential for daily upkeep, but monthly or quarterly maintenance, such as buffing and polishing, is equally important. Metals naturally degrade over time and will require proper cleaning to maintain luster and quality. Upkeeping these metals will lower the need for premature repairs or refinishing in the future. 

3. Can Refinishing Stop Fingerprints From Appearing on Stainless Steel?

One of the disadvantages to any metal surface in a building is smudging from touching. Stainless steel is not, in fact, stainless. Metals are reflective, making any damage more noticeable. While metal refinishing services cannot eliminate fingerprints and other smudges, it can reduce the damage produced by months or years of exposure. If stainless steel is damaged or the topcoat deteriorates, oils from the hands or harshness of cleaning chemicals can further harm the metal. Metal refinishing rejuvenates the metals and protects the building, extending its lifespan and reducing short and long-term repairs. 

4. Can Refinishing Services Be Combined With Other Services?

Waterproofing services may also be required with metal refinishing services. When refinishing the exterior of a high-rise commercial building, it is essential to keep moisture and other elements out of the building envelope. If penetrated, the humidity can lead to a buildup of mold, mildew, and other bacteria that can harm the building’s structure and the people inside. That can create illnesses and increase liability for the building owner. Combine refinishing services with waterproofing and other building maintenance to decrease ownership costs.  Look for a contractor with multiple capabilities to save time and hassle . 

Work With an Expert in Metal Refinishing 

The right choice is easy. Building owners should work with a professional metal refinishing provider to save time and money. Learn more about what to expect by reaching out to JOBS Group today.