February 24, 2021

Window Washing Houston Experts Reveal the Importance of Sealant Services

For businesses of all sizes, routine window washing is critical to maintaining building aesthetics, safety, and integrity. Window washing Houston experts know how to get the job done. It requires window washing and waterproofing services. Why is this? We’ll explain in this article. 

Both Window Washing and Sealant Services Focus on the Building Envelope

Modern skyscrapers and similar buildings have feeble weather resistance. Window washing Houston contractors help upkeep the building envelope through window washing and sealant services. Both services help keep water intrusion to a minimum, which is a key goal for the business management team. 

Window Washing Houston Services Include Inspections of Building Sealants

Businesses of all types should be looking for providers who offer full-service packages. From establishing to maintaining the envelope, a crucial part of window washing services needs to include waterproofing and sealant repair. When issues are noted and reported, the problem can be addressed and corrected promptly by window washing Houston experts.

Cross Training in Sealant Repair

Building managers can better deal with sealant upkeep by working with a contractor that cross-trains. Many window washing Houston contractors require cross-training of crews on both window washing and sealant repair services. Repairs and maintenance are more manageable when the team that spots the damage and the team that fixes it are the same.

Safety Training and Industry Expertise

According to the Houston Chronicle:

“Washing windows on skyscrapers requires extensive training, especially when it comes to safety. To safely work high above street level, window washers rely on platforms and harnesses tied to ropes.”

Professional training and on-the-job experience are critical to both window washing Houston services as well as waterproofing or sealant repair.

Waterproofing Before Window Washing

Careful management, care, and patience of window washing Houston experts is highly pertinent to the job. Much of the damage and problems that occur are due to managers scheduling window washing services before sealants have a chance to cure. For instance, some sealants must cure fully before being subject to chemicals in window washing cleaners. Being patient ensures the envelope remains intact and durable.

Leverage Window Washing Houston Experts Like JOBS Group to Do It Right

Waterproofing and window washing will become more important in the future, especially as cities continue to grow. Thankfully, the absolute best window washing Houston services are available through JOBS-AMST. Request a consultation with JOBS-AMST to achieve a better building aesthetic and performance.