March 3, 2021

Preventive Maintenance in the Elevator Industry: What’s Expected From an Aesthetic POV

One crucial and often overlooked part of the elevator industry regarding interior maintenance is the elevator cabs’ aesthetics. According to, “When it comes to keeping your building competitive, elevator cabs can be an afterthought and can also paint a picture of disrepair throughout the rest of your facility if they’re out of date.” To maintain high-quality aesthetics for your elevators, building managers should follow these simple tips to help make the process easier overall.

Install New Interior Cabin Panels When Currently Used Panels Need to be Upgraded

One of the fastest and easiest ways to upgrade the look and feel of an elevator cabin is upgrading the wall panels. Whether you go with modern stainless polish metal or a richly stained wood look, this is a tip that serves many in the elevator industry well. And the costs are significantly lower than allowing the elevator cab to fall into disrepair.

Refinish Metals to Remove Stains and Signs of Deterioration to Keep Things Looking Clean

Metal is a common material used throughout the elevator industry in both the cabin interior and lobby. Whether it is used on the floors, walls, control panels, or accent pieces, it still requires regular maintenance in stainless steel refinishing. Keeping metal surfaces polished and clean does wonders for aesthetics. And it also helps to encourage positivity among building occupants.

Upgrade the Elevator Flooring With New Tile to Save Money on Cleaning and Maintenance 

Another tip many follow within the elevator industry is to properly service elevator cabin flooring. Carpeting is generally seen as old-school and is much harder to maintain than tile or similar flooring options. Of course, it’s equally important to consider the weight limits and distribution associated with removing old flooring and replacing it with a heavier material like tile. Regardless, both require regular cleaning and even replacing or buffing as necessary.

Install Artwork to Spruce up Cabin Interiors

A standard tip that gets shared around those within the elevator industry is to think of the elevator cabin as a tiny room within your building. Special touches, such as artwork and wall panel designs, can make it look much more inviting.

Follow a Regular Cleaning and Sanitation Routine With the Right Chemicals 

Following the idea of the elevator cabin being another room to maintain, proper cleaning and sanitation in these areas are more critical than ever before. Elevator sanitation experts recommend cleaning cabins along with other high-use sites. And that’s especially true when faced with the risk of possible illness spread via common surfaces, such as elevator handrails during flu season when antimicrobial cleaning solutions are preferred.

Consider a Quick and Easy Upgrade With New Switch Panel Covers and Fixtures

The final tip for improved maintenance within the elevator service industry is the simplest. Do not overlook the little touches. Updating lighting, fixtures, handrails, control panel covers, and other small things in the cabin can make a massive difference to the overall aesthetics. 

Align Your Interior Maintenance With Current Elevator Industry Standards by Working With an Expert

Outdated elevators diminish the value of your building and add negativity throughout all floors. To keep this from happening to you, request a consultation with JOBS-AMST today. And remember that now is the time to stop putting off elevator cabin renovation and get started today with a clear leader in elevator design aesthetics.