February 17, 2021

The Truth About Commercial Building Stainless Steel Refinishing

Building maintenance and upkeep are a large part of what facility managers do day in and day out. One aspect of facility management and care involves renovations and upgrades to various interior components including commercial building stainless steel refinishing. Stainless steel has long been used in interior design and construction, and its popularity continues growing. Thanks to its durability and its antimicrobial properties, stainless steel is a high-demand material when it comes to modern building upgrades and restoration projects. Refinishing it keeps the stainless steel in good condition but, as with any service, there are pros and cons.

Benefit: Refinishing Is a Great Way to Add Value to a Building

Stainless steel refinishing can quickly and easily add value to any building. With routine refinishing, stainless steel will remain durable and will increase the building’s appeal when the time comes to sell. It’s a smart investment into the overall strength, durability, attraction, and aesthetics of any commercial building space. 

Con: Refinishing Can Be Costly and Time-Consuming

Commercial building stainless steel refinishing projects are popular with facility management because of how great they look once they are finished. They can, however, become quite expensive when considering a large-scale metal restoration or installation job. Costs may be offset by working in smaller increments over time, but the overall price does require careful consideration.

Benefit: Refinishing Impacts How Inviting a Space Is for Users

Stainless steel upgrades can also make any space look and feel more inviting for occupants. According to Medium.com, “Stained, cracked or dented panels tell tales of abuse and neglect and create undesirable impressions on potential clients and persons bringing business opportunities.” Refinishing upgrades can keep everything looking clean and professional. 

Con: Refinishing May Affect Overall Aesthetics in the Building

While commercial building stainless steel refinishing can give a more modern and updated look and feel, it will change the building’s overall aesthetics. Older buildings may need more upgrades and more frequent maintenance to maintain the look of stainless steel. The final look of the space needs careful consideration before a big design project.

Benefit: Refinishing Can Help Make Sanitation Practices Easier 

As the nation recovers from a pandemic, easy sanitation and cleaning of architectural surfaces is a significant benefitl . Stainless steel possesses anti-microbial properties, but it should also be cleaned routinely. Commercial building stainless steel refinishing makes cleaning easier and ensures a safer environment. 

Con: Refinishing May Lead to More Advanced Care and Maintenance 

Commercial building stainless steel refinishing can help with sanitization services, but it can also lead to more advanced, day-to-day care and maintenance. . For example, facility managers may face changes to sanitizing protocols. Special environmental needs, specific cleaning products, and routine repair work may be required.

Professional Help For Commercial Building Stainless Steel Refinishing 

Facility managers want to ensure their buildings are clean, up-to-date, inviting, safe, and functional. Stainless steel refinishing projects and upgrades can help achieve these results. Whether the focus shifts to upgrades of the elevator cabs or the addition of new wall paneling or flooring, the use of stainless steel is prevalent. . Understanding the typical pros and cons can make it easier for property managers to decide what commercial building stainless steel refinishing or installation projects are right for their facilities. To learn more, request a consultation