October 29, 2020

Maintenance Planning for Stainless Steel Surfaces in Commercial Buildings

Unfortunately, the commercial building market remains in flux. According to FacilitiesNet, “the current office market is not a game a building owner can win just by showing up, with properties that show flagging infrastructure and stale amenities. Any commercial office building planning to remain viable and fully occupied in today’s market will need to present a savvy mix of amenities, create meaningful partnerships with its tenants, and stand out in a crowd of buildings all hustling for that new lease. That takes more than slapping on a fresh coat of paint.” In this space, stainless steel refinishing of the lobbies, elevators, and other amenities may be necessary. But how do facility managers know when it really is time to consider the metal’s true condition? To answer those questions, let’s look at the top signs it’s time for commercial stainless steel refinishing

Excess Smudging and Indications That Material Looks Dirty and Dingy

Commercial buildings’ use of stainless-steel dates to the early 1910s and has continued its popularity. Many buildings use stainless steel in their lobbies, restrooms, handrails, escalators, or elevators. Stainless steel is a cost-effective material that proves durable in the face of time and exposure to the elements. However resilient, even the most durable metals need frequent cleaning and care to prevent excessive wear and tear. Stainless steel is frequently in high contact areas and this leads to cleaning to excess which can increase the likelihood of stripping those topcoats from the product. Disproportionate smearing and smudging that give the appearance of dirt or grime even when clean is indicative of the need for stainless steel refinishing. Stainless steel refinishing will restore the quality and luster to the building and will prove cost-effective for building proprietors by reestablishing that protective barrier. 

Inconsistent Janitorial Services That Cannot Keep Materials Clean

Stainless steel is naturally protective against corrosion and is one of the most cost-effective materials building managers select. Although stainless steel is strong and low maintenance, it is not maintenance free. Regular cleaning schedules are a must when maintaining stainless steel surfaces within a building. Stainless steel refinishing becomes a necessity when the janitorial routine is inconsistent and demonstrates the lack of attention needed to keep the materials clean on a reliable basis. 

The lack of proper cleaning routines results in the breakdown of the topcoats and eventually the materials. On the other hand, overcleaning products have similar consequences, which include:

  • Cleaning too frequently aids in excessive wear to topcoats. This can strip away any lacquer or other top coating.
  • Extreme use of chemicals also strips away at the metals and can assist with corrosion of the materials.

It is simple, keeping stainless steel routinely clean with the proper chemicals will outweigh higher requisition costs in the long term. Consistency is key with metals when wanting to avoid costly stainless steel refinishing or replacement of your items. 

Lack of Know-How for Proper Care of Stainless Steel

Only the most experienced contractors can differentiate between stainless steel and other metals. For this reason, it is easy to improperly care for stainless steel. Does the building manager know which metal is in use? Does the building manager know which chemicals to use for the handrails or revolving door? 

Utilization of the incorrect product can lead to discoloration, corrosion, or the premature striping away of topcoats and proceed to damage the metal. It is important as a building manager to know what grade, style, and type of metals are used in the structures within the establishment. Often, these structures are high-contact areas and require frequent cleaning, so knowing how to properly care for these materials is paramount for the longevity of them. 

Assumption That Replacement Is the Only Way to Go

Another sign is a simple misunderstanding that stainless steel replacement is the only way to address problems. However, not caring for them appropriately will result in expensive repairs or replacements, such as stainless steel refinishing. Did you catch that? The solution is simple—care for the stainless steel properly with stainless steel refinishing to avoid the assumption that replacement is going to happen. Educating staff that performs cleaning duties with proper chemicals and procedures is the sure-fire way to prevent untimely repairs.

Take the Right Approach to Stainless Steel Refinishing and Long-Term Maintenance With the Right Partner

Maintaining and extending the life of stainless steel will prove the most cost-effective for building management. Informed building owners and managers need a reliable partner to ensure their metal fixtures and amenities look their best. JOBS Group has highly trained craftsmen with an eye for detail and expertise in process
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