April 14, 2021

Custom Elevator Design Challenges and How to Avoid Them

Facility management encompasses a wide array of topics and areas of focus. One of these is systems operations and maintenance, including the design, installation, and management of the elevators on-site. Choosing a custom elevator design can help improve facility satisfaction and service options. But custom elevator cab solutions can also bring challenges and difficulties, especially when thinking about the long-term budget.

Building Ownership Presents Several Unique Challenges

Owning and managing a commercial property is a considerable investment in time, money, and energy.  With it comes unique obstacles. Among these are elevator design and upkeep. CSE Magazine explains a few challenging aspects:

  • Looking for experienced service providers to oversee operations and upkeep.
  • Material cleaning and maintenance checks to ensure everything stays looking excellent.
  • Weight limitations and design parameters that limit location and size.
  • Overall ease of replacement and access to various cab components.
  • Regular safety checks and system reviews to ensure smooth operations.
  • Careful review and consideration of user feedback and use data and statistics.
  • Top to bottom inspections and checks that are conducted regularly.
  • Adherence to accessibility laws and guidelines for blind, disabled, and other protected groups.

Custom elevator upkeep, both for exterior and interior design, is a complicated undertaking that requires planning, foresight, short- and long-term focus, teamwork, and a unique overall perspective. 

Simplifying the Custom Elevator Design Process

Streamlining the care and maintenance of elevator systems is all about planning and being proactive. Dealing with minor issues before becoming more significant concerns and keeping tenants and visitors satisfied requires ongoing attention. Waiting until things go wrong or until complaints start to come in is an inefficient way to manage elevator systems. It is important to think a few steps ahead when it comes to elevator design and elevator maintenance. Choosing affordable yet durable materials can make them easier to refinish when needed and cost-effective to clean. Tapping into experienced feedback and expert industry guidance solves many issues that can come up with budgeting and management expenses for custom elevator designs.

Managing the Elevator Cab Budget During and After Design

Working on a custom elevator design requires special attention to budgeting both during the planning/installation stage and afterward. Some important tips to remember include:

  • Think toward the future for use, care, repair, and access needs.
  • Listen to feedback and concerns from users and what they want.
  • Be proactive and choose a design that is easy to clean and maintain. 
  • Invest in quality and longevity always as it will pay for itself in the long run.
  • Consider custom elevator fabrication for special needs and uses.
  • Include finances for routine maintenance and repairs and cleanings.
  • Train staff how to conduct cleaning and inspection checks safely.

Dealing with elevators on the property can present a unique set of challenges and considerations that do not exist with any other facility systems. This is why careful planning, budgeting, and coordination are critical for all building managers and maintenance teams

Stay Within Budget With the Right Partner For Custom Elevator Designs

Managing commercial facilities and properties requires a unique approach and focus. Dealing with custom elevator designs allows for greater adaptability and service options to keep tenants and users satisfied. But at the same time, it also brings unique challenges and requirements for care and maintenance. Request a consultation with The JOBS Group to learn more about our custom elevator interior solutions.