January 27, 2021

4 Ways to Control Costs of Elevator Cab Solutions

For accessibility and easy transportation, elevator cabs are an essential part of commercial buildings. Elevator cab solutions and elevator design focus on improving functionality and aesthetics as cost-effective as possible. Keeping elevator cab renovations to a minimum can help with budgeting and reduce overall expenses. Many cab upgrades and renovations aim to strengthen cab efficiency and lower energy waste, so they are very cost-effective in the long run. However, it is possible to keep the system up-to-date without breaking the budget. 

Avoid Unbudgeted Expenses with Timely Maintenance

The majority of expenses related to elevator cab solutions and maintenance are linked to inadequate maintenance plans and a lack of budgeting. Managers try to save money by skipping repairs and stretching out the time between maintenance work to try and save money in the short term. However, it will always result in more extensive and costlier repairs in the long-term. According to Buildings Smarter Facility Management, “While the cost of a commercial elevator maintenance plan might be intimidating at first sight, it’s actually a practical investment considering how much-unexpected service calls and repairs can cost.” Routine maintenance can get expensive, but emergency repair work for elevator cab solutions can cost even more. Renovations and remodeling updates for catastrophic failures can cost tens of thousands when resources, servicing, installation, and man-hours are figured into the overall costs. Costs associated with complete shutdowns of the elevator systems only compound the expenses. Therefore, maintenance plans, including refinishing of elevator wall panels, are essential for safe and affordable elevator systems. 

Consider Cost-Effective, Prefabricated Cab Solutions

One of the best ways to make cab solutions and maintenance more effective and affordable is by using prefabricated designs. While also fast and easy, the method guarantees a way to drive down construction costs and timelines. Using modular and prefabricated designs helps ensure high-quality factory manufacturing is available and that renovations are kept as affordable as possible. The use of wall panels and prefabricated structures enables easy renovations and redesign without significant costs.

Be Proactive During Renovations/Redesign

Routine cab solutions and maintenance work is one part of the equation. The second part of managing costs involves proactive measures such as:

  • Using prefabrication systems and panels for cab solutions, upgrades, and repairs, even when undertaking a custom project.
  • Addressing small issues before they get out of hand and cost more to correct.
  • Updating budgets as necessary to keep up with client demands and needs.
  • Following through with required maintenance and repairs regularly.
  • Performing scheduled checks and inspections to monitor system performance.
  • Adjusting plans as needed to compensate for budget changes and innovations. 

Work with an Expert in Elevators

The care and upkeep of elevator systems are multi-faceted. From maintenance and budgeting concerns to renovations and operations, elevator cab solutions must be properly managed by facility managers. Controlling costs while maintaining the most up-to-date systems can be challenging, but with expert insight and assistance, it is easier. JOBS Group has decades of experience with interior cab solutions; request a consultation to get started.