June 9, 2021

Custom Elevator Costs: How to Help Your Clients Win With Building Owners

Commercial building maintenance managers have plenty of things vying for their time and attention. The design of the elevator systems represents aspects of building operations that can often go unattended for far too long. Predictive planning and preventative maintenance remain critical for keeping custom elevator systems functional and ensuring building owners stay satisfied. As stated by Grainger, by identifying components or parts that are wearing out and repairing or replacing them before they fail, an effective preventive maintenance program can help limit production downtime and extend the service life of equipment and facilities.” For this reason, the maintenance of custom features in modern commercial buildings needs careful attention.  Building owners, managers, and operators can follow these tips to ensure all elevators operate efficiently day in and day out and within budget.

Focus on the Benefits of Newly Upgraded Cabins

One of the easiest and most rewarding upgrades for existing elevator systems is upgrading the cabins with simple maintenance protocols. Installing new custom elevator cabins that come with advanced features and controls designed for safety and comfort can do wonders. A quick and efficient way to invest in the cabin design can improve user experience and aesthetics at the same time. This can also improve user experience and boost overall satisfaction with the elevator system as a whole.

Keep Custom Elevator Design Simple and Easy to Maintain

When designing an innovative cabin set up for a customized elevator system, it remains important to remember the idea of KISS- Keep It Super Simple. It costs less money to repair and maintain such a simple yet innovative design. Investing in quality materials and structures can quickly pay for itself in a relatively short amount of time. Fewer breakdowns, fewer repair expenses, and easier upgrades save money in the long run on cab design and operations. 

Consider Refurbishing With Clean, Nice Stainless Steel Panels

Older buildings get plagued with outdated designs and materials, especially within the elevator systems that exist. Refurbishing cabins with custom elevator cabins made from stainless steel can improve the look and feel of the entire building as a whole reasonably quickly. A certain degree of class can occur using stainless steel within the elevator cabin design. Stainless steel refinishing and paneling is clean, simple, elegant, and looks better than old, outdated materials.

Remember That Weight Balancing Is Important 

Elevator systems commonly get designed to transport people and materials quickly, easily, and safely. Considerations for weight limitations should be made while creating a new and unique elevator system. Knowing what weight limits exist and how to maximize weight loads with the new cabin designs will ensure operational value remains intact. The right material choice will allow for maximum weight balance while staying cost-efficient and practical with elevator cab refinishing designs.

Partner With an Expert in the Field of Custom Elevators

Working with skilled and experienced professionals can make a world of difference when maximizing the efficiency of elevator systems. Everything stays more relaxed with expert insight, from designing custom elevator cabins to ensuring proper maintenance and implementing optimized refurbishing options.  Better designs, quality materials, competent maintenance, and optimal upgrades can improve owner satisfaction and ensure elevators no longer exist as an afterthought. The possibilities for innovative and cost-effective upgrades exist if you know where to look for solutions.