April 5, 2022

Plaza Deck Maintenance Tips to Remember

A plaza deck is a concrete structure that functions as a roof and a floor. As the deck receives exposure to all weather conditions, it is critical to perform routine maintenance and repairs that will prolong the functionality and life of the deck. If the waterproofing components are damaged, there could be a water leak in the commercial space below. 

As winter winds down and spring begins, the more significant problems and costs of poor commercial building maintenance will come to light. Over the winter, reports Insureon, “snow and ice accumulation on your business’s roof can result in weakened roofing materials and create ‘ice dams,’ which prevent melted ice and snow from properly draining. Regularly remove snow and ice from your business’s roof to prevent structural damage. Know your roof’s load-bearing capacity, and periodically check to ensure that snow and ice aren’t accumulating beyond its weight limits.”

Below are vital tips for building managers for deck roofing solutions

1. Regularly Clean Your Commercial Deck With the Proper Agents

Clean the plaza deck routinely to remove dirt, mildew, and other build-ups. Clear the area of any debris, dust, or objects, including weeds. This level of care will restore your concrete decking and improve the structure’s aesthetics. A clean space is inviting to guests and creates an overall sense of comfort. 

When cleaning your commercial deck, choose the right chemicals to avoid damaging the structure. There are multiple cleaning solutions options. Enlist a professional with the knowledge and experience to provide optimal results. 

2. Inspect All Drainage Systems and Gutters on the Plaza Deck for Damage

Avoid more significant future issues by inspecting all drainage systems and gutters. This exterior maintenance is vital in preventing substantial problems down the road. Ignoring issues with these components can escalate a simple repair to a massive project. Concrete upkeep and regularly inspecting for rotting, deterioration, rust, and clogged drains and gutters is essential. Clogged drains and gutters can lead to an overflow and disrupt the waterproofing of the plaza deck. Ensure that both are free of any debris.

3. Seal Any Gaps or Cracks Early and With the Right Sealant

Choosing a sealant for your concrete repairs can be overwhelming due to multiple options. It is important to research them all to ensure you select the best one for the job. The suitable sealant should be capable of waterproofing and remain durable in all weather conditions. Early prevention of sealing gaps and cracks will prevent unwanted future maintenance issues. The essential thing is that the structures be sealed and protected against water intrusion and other hazards, regardless of the type of waterproof sealant you pick. Attention to plaza deck waterproofing details is crucial.

An often-overlooked factor in sealants is the health and safety precautions. Sealants contain hazardous materials, and building managers or engineers should take all safety precautions seriously. Ensure that your team is fully trained and prepared.

4. Pressure Wash the Plaza Deck to Remove Debris

Plaza decks are constantly exposed to the weather conditions causing an accumulation of dirt and debris on the surface. Concrete pressure washing helps clean and maintain concrete surfaces by removing accumulated dirt, mold, mildew, algae, and other undesired things, extending the deck’s lifespan. Things like algae can also pose a risk for falls, slips, and injuries. 

If left alone, mildew and dirt will degrade the decking and cause future expenses. Pitting and cracks can cost thousands of dollars to fix. Power washing regularly will keep minor cracks from growing into major ones, requiring costly repairs. Frequent pressure washing also gives the appearance of the concrete looking fresh and clean. 

5. Redo All Metal Finishings, Waterproofing Sealants, and Caulking

It’s critical to think about the material for commercial caulking, metal finishes, and waterproofing. Plaza deck waterproofing details are necessary as the deck is constantly exposed to weather conditions. Therefore these finishes must be able to endure all types of precipitation. 

Metal finishes require routine treatment, and regular inspections help maintain the condition and minimize future problems. Applying the proper sealant is a preventative measure that will save money over time. 

Frequently these items will need to be replaced entirely. Performing routine repairs and maintenance enables contractors to see any damage that may need attention or a complete replacement. Repairs and overhauls will retain the building’s appearance while also being safe and practical. 

6. Avoid Unnecessary Landscaping 

Landscaping is attractive and can liven up a space. However, it can be bad news when it comes to plaza decking. As mentioned, plaza deck components must be waterproof to prevent damage. Aside from sunlight, water is the primary source of nutrients for landscaping. As a result,  this directly contributes to decking damage. If caught early, these problems will be addressed and solved. However, avoiding unnecessary landscaping altogether is ideal.

A good deck roofing solution for permanent landscaping is potted plants and trees. It is easy to relocate pots as needed, and the pots and trees will also prevent root damage to the plaza deck and waterproof membrane

7. Repaint All Facades or Metals to Match the Aesthetic of Your Building

The facade of your building is what people see. It also is the exterior layer that protects the interior of the building. Repainting facades and metals improve the look of your deck and create a cohesive aesthetic with the rest of your structure. A more attractive building leads to greater tenant satisfaction and the overall value of your property. 

Repainting and maintaining the exterior materials will also extend the life of what it is protecting – the interior. If done regularly, this will considerably prolong the materials’ life expectancy.

8. Inspect and Repair All Flashing at Curbs, Walls, and Drains

Flashing is a material that seals the connections between your roofing materials and any walls, openings, or edges. It protects the roofing components from moisture and water by directing water away from the roof and towards the gutters. Roof flashing is an imminent waterproofing component when preventing water leaks and damage to a structure.

Routine repair and inspection of all flashing will improve the overall appearance of the plaza deck and prevent more complicated and expensive problems. Roof flashing repairs are much cheaper than installing a new roof. When inspecting, keep an eye out for common flashing problems such as loose and wrinkled flashings. These are symptoms of much more significant issues and reasons not to ignore damages.

9. Remove Spalling or Structural Damaged Concrete and Correct the Issue

Spalling is cracking, flaking, or crumbling concrete typically caused by weather or poor installation. Applying waterproofing sealant is the best way to prevent spalling from occurring.

Often spalling is viewed as merely a cosmetic issue. However, this is far from reality. Spalling is a symptom of a much larger problem – water damage. Ignoring this can lead to an overall failure of the structure. Any damaged concrete needs to be removed and replaced by a professional.

10. Know When to Replace All Substrates in the Plaza Deck

Due to weather and normal wear and tear, the quality of your plaza deck waterproofing details can diminish over the years. Knowing when to replace versus when to repair is a must. While minor concrete repair is an option,  excessive spalling and damage may require total replacement of the whole section. A concrete replacement may be imminent if the substrate cannot be repaired to its original integrity, and the trick is working with a skilled team that knows whether it’s best to repair or replace such damage. 

Concrete strengthening is the best option to remedy the deterioration of a structure. Commonly used strengthening solutions such as carbon fiber and Fiber Reinforced Polymer Concentrate strengthen concrete and extend its lifespan. Providing this reinforcement is much easier than constructing a new structure. 

It is best to enlist the expertise of a reputable engineer to provide a professional assessment of the situation.

Give Your Plaza Deck New Life With Maintenance Solutions From The JOBS Group

The plaza deck serves as a roof and a floor for a public space. This area is one of your building’s most essential features and requires regular maintenance. Because of the deck’s exposure to all types of weather, moisture, and foot traffic, periodic maintenance and repairs are needed to ensure the deck’s functioning and longevity. If the waterproofing components are compromised, serious issues can arise in the future. It is more financially feasible to make repairs than replacements. 

Hire a professional to ensure the proper supplies and solutions are being implemented. The JOBS Group will create a custom fit plan for your plaza deck needs and protect your property with dependable waterproofing and concrete restoration. Take the guesswork out of your project and contact The JOBS Group today for your deck roofing solutions!