April 7, 2021

Commercial Waterproofing Guide: Tips for Building Managers & Operators

Let’s face it–buildings aren’t constructed the way they used to be.  Waterproof! Magazine explains, “For centuries, nearly all large structures were supported by immense masonry walls.  Their sheer bulk—sometimes 10 feet thick or more—kept water from penetrating the interior.  Additionally, the stone was unaffected by the moisture. Today, however, the exterior walls of commercial construction are measured in inches and are extremely moisture sensitive. [And] some high-rise structures have exterior walls as thin as a 1/8 inch.”   New materials and methods allow us to go taller and broader than we ever could. But, it creates problems in maintaining an effective weatherproof seal and makes it more challenging to keep water out of the building. Thankfully, there are many options available when it comes to commercial waterproofing. And here are a few tips for building managers and operators regarding waterproofing and sealant services within exterior maintenance

Take Advantage of Inspection Services as Part of Window Washing

When people wash windows and look at various aspects of the building regularly, inspection needs to be part of these routine jobs. The team members are already there during window cleaning, so it’s best to reduce the time delay by simply keeping your team in communications and correcting minor issues that may not require complete waterproofing services or inspection. Keeping up with commercial waterproofing is all about maintaining the quality and integrity of the waterproofing envelope. It’s the simplest way to keep tabs on everything.

Use the Right Sealants Based on the Needs of Your Building and Location

Just like you need to use the right tool for any job when it comes to building and construction, the same is true for commercial waterproofing services. No matter how hard you try to make it work, if you use a product or system that is not best for your building, technicians will have a significant struggle to make it function efficiently.

Work With Commercial Waterproofing Experts 

Expert insight makes it easier to detect issues and will allow faster diagnosis of severity and priority for repairs. When problems can be identified sooner rather than later, they can be quickly addressed. Small leaks and issues can be corrected before significant damage occurs, and commercial waterproofing experts can effectively protect the envelope.

Build Waterproofing Guarantees and Services Into the Budget

When budgets are tight, it is essential to remember the far-reaching value of building waterproofing services. In fact, the initial investment of waterproofing services will yield significant savings over time from fewer repairs and reduced property damage. Understanding this can help ensure waterproofing remains a top priority in the budget. 

Partner With an Industry Expert in Commercial Waterproofing 

When it comes to maintaining commercial buildings, there are many things building managers and operators must consider, including commercial waterproofing services. To see how waterproofing works for commercial buildings and to get started, request a consultation with The JOBS Group today.