June 30, 2021

Why Exterior Maintenance Solutions Should Be a Top Priority for Building Managers

Building owners need to emphasize their exterior maintenance solutions. The value of a building is only as good as its condition while it stands. Not only that, but the most valuable clients looking to rent a building or conduct business within do not look to buildings that are not well cared for. Some of the reasons to put exterior maintenance and maintenance planning at the top of the list are the higher costs of putting it off, tenant satisfaction, reduced liability because of safety risks, and a better return on investment (ROI). 

The High Costs of Deferred Exterior Maintenance

Ultimately, not making exterior maintenance solutions a priority puts the building and the owners at risk. The fact is, putting off necessary repairs will eventually lead to more extensive repairs or replacements, reports FacilitiesNet. Failures in exterior maintenance can also mean replacing entire building sections and sometimes even rebuilding altogether. Every structure needs an upgrade or remodeling over time, but that time comes faster when the proper maintenance is not underway to prevent short-term and long-term issues. 

Proper Exterior Maintenance Reduces Total Cost of Ownership

Essentially, ensuring the right maintenance and building envelope maintenance services reduce the overall cost of ownership. Proactive and preventative maintenance that is included in the budget will prevent those significant and damaging repairs later. Not only does it keep money in proprietor’s wallets, but it also increases curb appeal that will attract tenants to the building. Proper exterior maintenance solutions will keep the money flowing and the costs down.  

Other Reasons to Prioritize Exterior Maintenance

There are many other motives for building owners to budget for exterior maintenance solutions. Features like reduced liability and curb appeal factor into some tenants choosing a particular building. Some other reasons to prioritize exterior maintenance are: 

  • Greater tenant satisfaction. Tenants love conducting their business in an excellent facility where they can also attract clientele. The curb appeal for the structure affects the business of the tenants also. 
  • Reduced safety risks. Without the additional risk of something breaking, buildings just run better. They run more efficiently and prevent injuries to those in and around the building, reducing the liability for the building owners. 
  • Improved building value. The most noticeable factor: money. The building value is something all owners cherish. The better the value, the better opportunity to lease to the best tenants to make the most money. 
  • Less risk of OSHA or government violations. Violating standard practices, city or county ordinances, or violating any building or fire code can prove costly to owners. Exterior maintenance prevents these infractions. 
  • Better energy efficiency. The right maintenance for the exterior of the building boosts energy efficiency by preventing the elements from penetrating the building’s envelope. This will reduce heat in the winter and overtime work for the HVAC system in the summer. 
  • Better ROI. Keeping a building in top shape will increase the ROI for any owner because maintenance costs will be reduced due to proactive maintenance. 
  • Affordable outsourcing that costs less than in-house management. In-house management will have exorbitant start-up fees that will cost more to maintain and budget than a regular service by professionals who already have the skills and training to do the job.

Choose the Right Exterior Maintenance Solutions Provider by Partnering With The JOBS Group

Partnering with the right exterior maintenance solutions provider will prove lucrative for all building proprietors. The right exterior maintenance provider will help with deciding which service is best for each business. The best solution will provide better efficiency and prevent profit-loss due to liability or energy. Buildings and tenants alike will benefit from these services and keep everyone happy. Connect with The JOBS Group to learn more today.