March 17, 2021

How to Choose a Commercial Hi-Rise Exterior Maintenance Provider

Choosing a commercial hi-rise exterior maintenance provider can be overwhelming. There are many aspects to consider when making this decision and many qualifications that companies and building proprietors must weigh when deciding on a provider. The first issue is that hi-rise buildings and the exteriors are more difficult to access. The more difficult it is to access, the riskier it becomes. This leads to concerns for safety of all workers, and the fitness of the team.. 

Some other areas of concern are the condition of the equipment. Think about how long equipment is in operation to make a single pass around the building and its full façade. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, “Three months for a single go-round, with two people inside a basket the length of a van suspended by a crane high above the ground, scrubbing their way vertically from top to bottom. And if the wind blows hard, as it is prone to do amid fog and storms, it will take even longer, because window washers can’t work when wind speeds are above 25 mph.” This just proves how risky working on hi-rise buildings can be, and it emphasizes how critical it is to choose the right provider. Building managers are only as valuable as their team and the skills of both in-house and third-party field service vendors. To make sure your building is in tip-top shape, follow these steps to choose a commercial hi-rise maintenance provider.

I. Know the State of Your Building With a Neutral Inspection

One of the more important steps of hiring the right professional for hi-rise commercial jobs is knowing the state of the building. The only true way to gauge this is by getting neutral and professional inspections regularly and from certified industry experts. There are many pieces to a building and its envelope. From the exterior metals to the glass of the windows, and to the sealant that protects the interior from the elements, the building is always vulnerable. And it is the inspector’s job to find those vulnerabilities. 

Not only should building owners choose inspection programs and companies that will find those problem areas, it is also important that they receive an unbiased inspection. An unbiased inspection will be transparent and identify all areas that need repair. However, all of this means nothing if an inspector does not have the knowledge and experience that will provide these services at a top-notch level. 

As explained by, “Everyone knows that building inspections are a critical component of any building safety program. Inspectors have a different view of a building, one grounded in the moving parts of the specific structure instead of an overall view that numbers represent. Life safety is maintained by cataloguing risk factors like blocked emergency exits and faulty fire safety systems.” Some of the steps building owners should follow when planning  inspections include:

  • A routine cadence. Routine inspections help mitigate surprise repairs that may end up costing hundreds or even thousands. 
  • Ensure the inspector is BOMA-certified. This certification makes the inspector more knowledgeable on commercial properties. 
  • Align inspections with local standards and requirements. Being proactive and ensuring all requirements are followed will save property managers and owners time and money. 
  • Include inspections and repairs in the budget. Having this “squirrel fund” is a cost-effective measure that allows owners and managers to prepare for the disasters in the event they happen. 

Together, these steps lessen the financial burden of major damage or costly repairs to hi-rise buildings. 

II. Thoroughly Vet Field Service Vendors

Another vital area building owners and managers need to focus on are the vendors. Much like the need for a well-trained, experienced inspector, it is imperative that hi-rise maintenance vendors have the experience and skills to back up their services. A trained vendor will know what to look for, how to look for it, and more importantly, will do the job as instructed the first time. This will save any company time and money. 

Hiring high-quality vendors will ultimately extend the life of whatever building you own and ensure quality work throughout the project. Some things to look for when hiring vendors are product knowledge, quality of products, safety protocols, versatility, proactiveness, and efficiency.  It is also important to ask about insurance, certifications, their experience, and if they are bonded. Each of these are especially important when it comes to completing repairs and jobs on time. 

Ultimately, time is money. The less experience a vendor has, the more time it will take, which will prove costly to the building owners if the building is out of commission during whatever repair is taking place. Experience is invaluable to your building and your business. 

III. Look to Industry Experts in Hi-Rise Exterior Maintenance for Guidance

One foolproof way of ensuring proper care is taken for your building is by looking to the industry experts of hi-rise exterior maintenance for guidance. Companies such as The JOBS Group are thorough in who they hire and are rigorous in the training of their team.

Technician training of equipment is paramount. Knowing how to handle the equipment needed for each job can reduce the amount of time spent on a project. Anything less than highly-trained individuals is a disservice to both the vendor and the proprietor. 

The trained eye can also prevent future damage to hi-rise commercial buildings. If an untrained vendor does not know what to look for or misses any current or potential hazards or damages, it will cost the owner more over time. Costs also include hiring a new vendor to repair what the other vendor should have caught, going over the work twice. Time savings are universally valuable to vendors and commercial building owners everywhere. 

IV. Focus on Team-Driven Maintenance Solutions

Another aspect of a successful project or repair is the need for team-driven maintenance solutions. This not only ensures communication between the team and the building owners, but it also provides a second set of eyes to catch anything that may have fallen through the cracks. 

Team-driven practices are important to companies who want to perform and do the job right the first time.  Providing team-driven maintenance solutions increases accountability for each member of the team. It ensures that safety practices are being followed. It also keeps each member responsible and accountable.

Teams that safely put into practice these protocols boost accountability, overall morale, complete the job faster and do it all more efficiently. That increases profitability by reducing time, mistakes, and ultimately costs. 

V. Take Unique Considerations for Exterior Surfaces

Some other ways to save on repairs is by considering the types of material when building or remodeling your commercial hi-rise building. 

Materials may consist of metal, glass, masonry, wood, steel, or stone. Each of these come with their own unique care instructions, repairs, and challenges. Different materials require different care, and this should be taken into consideration when choosing materials because they will also degrade differently over time. 

This is also important to consider when contracting vendors for building maintenance and repair. Not only repairs for these materials, but also the inspections and the cleaning will be different for each material. Choose the right supplies for the building to be able to save money over the life of the building. And again, an expert maintenance provider can help with that selection.

Summary: Choose the Right Vendor to Save Resources and Boost Aesthetic

Choosing the correct vendors for your hi-rise commercial maintenance needs will greatly reduce the stress of having to clean or repair the building. The JOBS Group is dedicated to training team members in every aspect to provide the highest-quality service. Not only will you see the difference, but this will also increase the life of the building and boost its aesthetic. Aesthetic attracts people to the building and will ultimately attract the tenants desired. Hiring the right vendor will show through each level and each window. Your building and your pockets will thank you.  Request a free quote from the JOBS Group here to get started.