November 10, 2020

Expect These 5 Things from Your Building Waterproofing Services

No building owner wants to face the terrible damage caused by water. Periodic inspection of the building envelope, preventative measures, and waterproofing services can lower that risk. However, searching for the right partner to help can be draining. We’ll help simplify the process. Here’s what to look for and expect from a building waterproofing services provider. 

1. Product Knowledge

It may seem obvious and go without saying, but product knowledge can be overlooked. And all waterproofing sealants are not equal. Your contractor should have extensive knowledge of sealants and explain the differences to you. The right sealant will combat and reverse the deterioration of building surfaces and joints as well as provide peace of mind.

2. Safety Protocol

Reduce your liability and choose a contractor that employs a safety-forward approach. Their practices should meet or exceed OSHA and industry standards. Ask about their safety training and protocol throughout every step of the waterproofing process.

3. Versatility

In addition to waterproofing, choose a contractor that can identify and resolve problems throughout the building including leak detection, inspection, and repair; wet glazing; painting; window cleaning; and pressure washing. Hiring a contractor that is capable of many building waterproof services and consolidating projects with one vendor saves time, mobilizations, and hassle.

4. Proactive Approach

Waterproofing is part of a proactive approach to building maintenance. Look for a contractor that offers waterproofing as a component in a continued maintenance plan. The building waterproofing services should include routine inspection of the building envelope, preventative leak detection and repair, waterproofing of gaskets, and glazing. 

5. Efficiency

Timely completion is critical to minimize downtime or disruption to your building and its occupants. Look for a contractor with highly trained and experienced crews that can perform building waterproofing services efficiently without sacrificing skill or quality. Ask about their ability to perform emergency leak repair, too. A contractor with a large group of field technicians will be well equipped to respond rapidly and get the job done quickly.

Look for a Proven Building Waterproofing Services Provider

JOBS Group has decades of experience inspecting building surfaces and performing repairs, waterproofing, and wet glazing with the highest-quality materials. Request a quote today and keep water out!