December 15, 2020

Building Envelope Maintenance Services: More Than Just Window Washing

Most assume building envelope maintenance services stop with basic window washing. However, the right partner offers much more.

Only Washing the Windows is a Mistake

Building envelope maintenance services play a significant role in the success of a commercial building. From the window washing that keeps the outside pristine to the sealant services that keep moisture and other elements out, it is crucial to understand each component. Window washing keeps a building shining and attractive in the sunlight. Dirty buildings give less than desirable impressions. That can lead to a decline in business. Broken, worn down, or stripped sealants are also detrimental to the building. This can lead to openings in the building envelope that attract unwanted insects that eat away at the building and its structure.

Also, “Physical water penetrating the envelope typically happens through some inadequate component of construction. Various factors lead to leaks that can spread into your building, such as faulty weather and vapor barriers, the use of incompatible materials in the envelope, or rushed construction,” says

That can also allow the growth of mold and other dangerous bacteria that can be harmful to people. All these components lead to costly repairs and drive up the total cost of ownership. Routine proactive maintenance will reduce the premature costs associated with these issues.

Sealant Services Help to Improve Building Value

Professional building envelope maintenance services can assist in maintaining the value of a building. Proper sealant services keep unwanted moisture from entering the structure. If sealants are damaged or worn down, and water penetrates the building, this will create damage. Damage to a building will cause a decrease in value. It is essential to choose building envelope maintenance services that can successfully design and maintain those water-resistant barriers. Proactive and preventative maintenance is crucial to any untimely or expensive repairs. As well as protecting the building and its integrity, sealant services also help to reduce energy costs. When extreme elements are penetrating the building envelope, this drives up utility costs. All in all, sealant services contribute to the building’s success by keeping moisture and other harmful bacteria out. That reduces liability and lowers the overall cost of ownership.

How to Choose the Best Building Envelope Maintenance Services

There are many building envelope maintenance services. Choosing the right one can be challenging. A thorough understanding of critical traits can streamline the process, says FacilitiesNet. Top characteristics to look for in a contractor providing building envelope maintenance services include:

  • Experience in choosing the right product. 
  • Thorough explanation of the available products and their short-term and long-term value.
  • Ability to collaborate on refinishing, painting, washing, and more.
  • Quality control, including destructive testing, to show how well the product works. 
  • Continuous improvement—always staying forward-looking with building a better building aesthetic.

Choose an Expert in Building Envelope Maintenance Services

Expertise assists in streamlining these services and lowers the overall costs for the building owners and managers. Aside from the services rendered, a building owner puts trust in the provider’s work history. The trust built between a building envelope maintenance services provider and a client is invaluable. Choose the provider that puts the needs of the owner and their business first. Contact the JOBS Group to get started.