August 12, 2021

Water Leak Detection: How to Know It’s Time for a Commercial Water Leak Investigation

Facility managers have a responsibility for many aspects of building upkeep, repair, and maintenance, including dealing with inevitable water intrusion issues. Commercial building maintenance is a complicated process. Having a solid commercial water leak detector and a planned response action plan is an essential aspect of building management and maintenance. While most facility management teams understand the importance of leak detection and repairs, many still might wonder how to determine when a leak becomes especially troublesome.

Value of a Strong Commercial Water Leak Detection Process

Water damage can present various warning signs that indicate the need for commercial water leak detection services and intervention. As highlighted by FacilitiesNet, minor warning signs can indicate that a more significant issue might be lurking under the surface. Likewise, minor damage can cause a quick spiral into a compromising situation if left unaddressed. So clearly, early and accurate detection of commercial building water leaks is a vital part of commercial high-rise building maintenance. Learning the telltale signs of possible leaks can help make repairs easier, reduce expenses, improve facility maintenance routines, and keep team members and visitors safe on site.

Water Accumulation and Intrusion Detected

The most obvious indication that something has gone wrong and there is a leak somewhere is finding a pool of standing water anywhere in the building. Water intrusion can occur from many sources and does not automatically mean the water has come in from an outside source. The water leak may come from leaky pipes, broken HVAC systems, or issues with other building components. Knowing the warning signs can make it easier to determine when water leak detection services may be necessary for building maintenance.

Discoloration of Materials Noted

Commercial water leak detection services focus on identifying problem areas as soon as possible to avoid further damage. Another visual indication that a water leak has happened is when certain areas or building materials have become discolored. This could occur in the ceilings, walls, or even the floors. The area can look wet or discolored somehow, and older leaks that have temporarily dried may appear some shade of yellow or brown. There may also be some bubbling, cracking, or other form of and damage in the discolored area.

Changes in Texture of Building Materials

Maintaining the structural integrity of any building through safe maintenance and management is important because of the following issues that could arise from water leaks:

  • Warping – moisture causes boards and other structures to flex, bend, and distort.
  • Buckling – occurs in wood floors where water damage pushes panels upward.
  • Sagging – soft spots can cause weak points in walls, ceilings, and floors.
  • Expansion – many materials will expand and swell when exposed to prolonged moisture.

Odors and Strange Smells

Odors are prevalent when dealing with water intrusion and damage. Water leaks often cause mold and mildew to form, which speeds up the degradation of the materials and can cause pungent smells. Certain materials can absorb and retain water for long periods, leading to black mold and similar decay. This impacts indoor air quality and indicates water intrusion. Even with no visual indicators, any odd smells should not be ignored and are a potential sign that commercial water leak detection services and commercial building waterproofing services are needed.

Perfect Your Commercial Water Leak Detection Services With the Right Partnership

Working with a skilled and experienced building maintenance company can provide peace of mind and access to commercial water leak detection equipment and services. Keeping up with building maintenance and routine inspections is a critical part of facility management. Partnering with the right experts is a step toward improved facility management and more excellent facilities administration practices. Contact The JOBS Group today to get started with proven water leak detection services.