July 21, 2021

Why Stone Maintenance Makes Flooring Appeal and Quality Consistent

Stone is a popular option for commercial flooring in high-rise and commercial buildings across the country. This type of flooring is valued for its durability and aesthetic appeal. However, stone maintenance, refurbishing, and renovation often involve a lot more work and effort than alternatives such as laminate, tile, or other materials. The options may be limited when it comes to refurbishing stone floors. Still, according to Buildings Magazine, there are options available thanks to professionals who can handle all manner of stone materials, including granite, marble, shale, brick, and more. Some stone is more forgiving than others, and certain types of flooring require special equipment and materials to maintain and refurbish properly. Regardless of the type of material used, proper maintenance makes sense and is vital for maintaining a building’s appeal and durability.

Why Stone Maintenance of Flooring Might Be Overlooked in Building Management

Flooring is a critical component of any building plan and is essential for safe and effective operations. However, flooring often is among the most overlooked areas when maintenance teams work on repairs and renovations. Another reason that stonework maintenance may often go overlooked is its complexity. Entire sections have to be closed down for refinishing work, and repairing stone flooring can take a while and lead to issues with traffic flow and building access. Many times, commercial building managers ignore minor problems and put off repair work until a simple repair cost grows exponentially.

How Proper Maintenance Improves Its Appearance

Depending on the materials used and the type and level of traffic it gets daily, maintenance can keep the flooring looking its best. There are also safety concerns, as cracks and loose sections of flooring can pose a safety risk for walking or moving equipment through the area. Stone maintenance should not be ignored or delayed as minor issues can quickly grow into significant health and safety risks for staff and visitors alike. First impressions are critical, and the sight of dirty, mangled, cracked, and ugly floors can set the wrong impression in the minds of visitors and customers alike. It can also impact morale among staff members over the long term. Maintaining aesthetic appeal is an essential part of building management. And preserving everything from stainless steel panels to stone flooring falls under this vital service. 

What to Look for When Choosing a Stone Maintenance Service Provider

Deciding what service provider to work with for stone flooring, cleaning, refurbishing, and repairing is a big step. Knowing how to keep costs under control is essential for successful building management. Several key factors should be considered when choosing a service provider, no matter how big or small the specific stonework needs:

  • Experience and training working with similar flooring types and materials.
  • Proper tools, equipment, and supplies are needed to get the job done.
  • Safety-focused teams who follow guidelines and safety protocols.
  • Reputation for quality and reliable services within the business community.
  • Knowledge of the right way to refinish stone floors and how to handle problems.
  • Consistency to do excellent work with each job.

Choose the Right Partner to Keep Your Flooring Smooth, Appealing, and Ready for Plenty of Foot Traffic

Minor touch-ups and preemptive maintenance work can help extend the lifespan of stone floors. Stone maintenance can get pushed to the side and ignored quickly by commercial building managers. This is often the case due to time management, budgeting, staffing, and poor overall management. However, it is possible to stop the trend and reverse the damage with the correct flooring maintenance and service team. Request a consultation with The JOBS Group to get started.