April 28, 2021

Why the Annual Stage Reinspection Is the Best Time to Consider Stainless Steel Refinishing

A commercial building inspection is a critical part of maintenance and property management. It should include the structure’s physical inspections and include walls and foundations, roofing systems, metal restoration, stainless steel refinishing, and interior and exterior structural integrity. The goal is to check all the critical structural components and building systems in good working conditions and address any safety standard deviations that show up.  Whether it is wall cracks, or shifting foundations, or surface stainless steel refinishing, building managers must work to get as much done as possible at the same time. The ultimate goal should be to address all safety issues and concerns as efficiently as possible.

Why an Annual Inspection Keeps Everyone Safe

When an inspection is completed, building owners will have several obligations that they must fulfill to pass inspection and get certified for building safety. The building’s physical structure must be maintained per all local, state, national, and industry codes and regulations. This includes making sure the roofing system is sound, to checking the stainless steel refinishing throughout the commercial building, to looking for signs of excessive structural wear and tear. Identifying issues early on and addressing them when they are still minor saves time and money and ensures everyone’s safety.

Interior Maintenance Can Be Streamlined With Stainless Steel Refinishing and Inspection in the Same Duration

Both interior and exterior inspections of a building are an essential part of annual state reinspection and present a great opportunity to check and address multiple issues simultaneously:

  • Exterior walls to check for cracks or damage and to monitor previously identified issues.
  • Proper stainless steel refinishing and surface cleaning and maintenance work are done.
  • Exterior windows and doors and skylights to check seals and flashings for damage.
  • Check the structural integrity of stairs, landings, elevators, escalators, handrails and other features.
  • Paved surfaces to check for cracks, broken areas, uneven slabs, and other potential risks.
  • Check stainless steel refinishing throughout the building to check integrity and appearances.
  • Building components are properly cleaned, maintained, and refinished.

Keeping any building safe, secure, and structurally sound is the number one goal of annual stage reinspection and renovations.

Painting, Facade Repair, Waterproofing and Other Needs Can Be Addressed Too

According to an article on property management by The Small Business Chronicle, the exterior and interior of the commercial building must be carefully monitored during the reinspection process. Exterior points often focus on important areas such as parking, structural components, landscaping, roofing systems, any visible stainless steel refinishing, and the physical building facade. Specific areas usually included with an interior reinspection include walls, floors, ceilings and individual offices, bathrooms, elevators, kitchens, and all building’s significant interior spaces. Issues involving interior or exterior points can be addressed and taken care of simultaneously so building-wide renovations, and work can be done. This kind of approach will save time and money by reducing revisits, reduce man-hours, conserve resources, and reduce frivolous spending. Everything from stainless steel refinishing to structural repairs can and should occur in conjunction with each other following the annual safety inspection. 

Lower Overhead Costs of Maintenance With Integrated Building Maintenance Services

Both interior and exterior inspections of a building must be included in safety reinspection checks. Maintenance and repairs made following these safety checks are a fantastic opportunity to address multiple issues simultaneously. It allows building managers to focus on specific areas, including foundational support, stainless steel refinishing, safety concerns, windows and doors, and more. All of this can be easily monitored and maintained with an integrated building maintenance service plan. Request a consultation from The JOBS Group to get started.