May 5, 2021

Planned Building Services Jobs Costs and How to Keep Costs Under Control

Commercial buildings require a unique and specialized approach to maintaining and repairing the various systems and structures that make up these fantastic buildings. Specific products are designed for use on specified materials and a range of niche uses. This, in turn, makes it easier to take care of cleaning, maintenance, and repair work without adding a lot of other expenses. This is why managers must carefully monitor building services jobs to help keep costs down while following a high-rise maintenance system

Why Building Services Jobs Costs Can Spiral Out of Control

Building restoration, façade and exterior maintenance, structural refinishing, and general facility management cannot be addressed adequately with a one-size-fits-all approach. Maintenance and operational managers must consider a variety of factors and enlist several methods and measures. The most common service jobs costs come from improper use of materials, and products, and procedures. Keeping up with the high-quality needs and demands of proper commercial building maintenance is very much a full-time job. This becomes even more apparent when proper upkeep, repairs, refinishing, and maintenance fail regularly or correctly. Building services jobs costs go up when work requires revisiting to address issues and problems or when small issues and minor issues are ignored for so long that they become costly to fix.  Ignoring an issue or damage or complaint, for the sake of saving money in the short term, will only serve to drive up costs down the road.

Increased Planning Reduces Surprises and Costs Deriving From Delayed Maintenance

According to McKinsey & Company, most companies’ commercial operating models are in desperate need of help and need a drastic overhaul when it comes to better managing repair and operational costs. However, it is not easy to fix simply with some new regulations or a simple increase in profits. It is a strategic issue that requires careful consideration and severe assessment starting from the ground up. Building services jobs rely on planning, collaboration, and innovation to stay profitable and affordable. Delayed maintenance is the number one contributing factor building services jobs costs and is also a leading reason why management can sometimes get caught up in the idea of dressing things up with commodities and accessories without paying enough attention to preventative maintenance.

How to Improve Planning Processes With Building Services Jobs

Building Services Jobs

  • Monitor wear and tear on brick, stone, and metal with routinely scheduled checks.
  • Consider design elements, weathering aspects, and building-specific factors during maintenance.  
  • Periodic façade upgrades, repainting, waterproofing, and inspections can slow degradation.  
  • Consider specialized maintenance needs for specific materials or high traffic or high use areas.
  • Establish a maintenance and inspection plan that all team members follow and report to.
  • Don’t skimp on professional assistance when needed for major repairs or maintenance work.
  • High-use areas must get the most attention, but other locations cannot get overlooked either.
  • Communicate regularly about any issues that may arise or that get watched or addressed.
  • Carefully consider all work to see if it is essential or commodity-focused to help save money.

Building services jobs costs can quickly add up, and while maintenance and repair work is critical, it requires action with a logical plan and process in place.

Reduce Your Building Maintenance Costs With a Comprehensive Servicer

Building managers often struggle with cost management to keep building services jobs from becoming too commoditized and costly. The correct products used on the correct materials and the right way are all critical for proper property maintenance. Many processes and services have to come together to create a well-maintained facility. Everything from window washing to elevator refinishing to interior and exterior inspections are critical pieces to the puzzle. Attention to details like these is critical to protecting surfaces from damage and improving building materials’ overall durability. Working with the right servicer and the right plan in place is essential for managing building services jobs costs and expenses.