May 26, 2021

A Guide to High Rise Commercial Building Maintenance

When it comes to commercial building maintenance and aesthetics, many elements come into play. Keeping the interior and exterior of any commercial building in the best possible condition can extend the life of the building and improve customer satisfaction and boost productivity and profits. A few things that property managers and directors can do to make the most of their commercial building maintenance plans can be summarized here with this handy guide to high-rise maintenance.

Recognize the Risks of High Rise Commercial Building Maintenance

As explained by Grainger, several components have to come into play when looking at high-rise maintenance. These include exterior paint and façade work, interior surface upgrades, waterproofing envelopes, and window durability. When dealing with high-rise commercial building maintenance, certain risks come with these essential protocols. Safety while working at great heights, choosing the best materials and supplies, and the finest of services all need to be implemented to keep buildings in the best possible condition. 

Commercial Maintenance Must Prioritize the Building Envelope and Its Aesthetic

A primary focus for building maintenance remains to ensure a durable envelope that protects the building from the outside to the inside. The best way to shield the exterior aesthetics by utilizing the following:

  • Waterproofing envelopes that cover commercial buildings from top to bottom. Keeping water out and ensuring proper drainage and water direction are vital for waterproofing. Maintaining a commercial waterproofing envelope remains easier when managed from start to finish.
  • Façade exteriors that include material choices, painting, and sealants. Keeping the commercial building’s surface in tip-top shape keeps property values high and curb appeal high too. It also helps improve overall structural safety, stability, and integrity as well.
  • Window services focused on inspection and maintenance services. Window care and maintenance help protect the entire structure with routine maintenance and inspection. This window washing aspect of commercial facility maintenance can have a significant overall impact.

Top Areas of Focus for Building Maintenance.

When considering the modern-day commercial building, some key areas must be given proper attention by exterior maintenance and repair teams.

  • Exterior repairs- Cracks, chips, faded paint, and weathering of exterior facades need to be addressed sooner rather than later to keep building aesthetics high and values maximized.
  • Interior renovations- From updated cleaning and sanitation practices to upgrades using newer and better materials, overhauls can do a world of good for property values and customer satisfaction.
  • Elevator cabins- Installations, upgrades, and maintenance remain critical for keeping custom elevators fully operational and functional for all of the many building tenants and occupants.
  • Surface refinishing- Routine cleanings, renovations, and advancements keep commercial building maintenance focused on maintaining the best interiors and surfaces from top to bottom.

Increase Your Building’s Longevity With the Right Service Partner

Of all the reasons why commercial building maintenance must be a primary focus, its power to extend any building’s longevity remains critical. Rather than trying to do it all in-house, finding a service provider to partner with can ensure maintenance occurs on the proper schedule and in the right way. When dealing with commercial maintenance, many elements come into play, and the correct maintenance and refinishing partner helps everything fall into place more easily. Take the first step today by requesting a consultation with The JOBS Group.