August 4, 2021

What to Expect From a Commercial Building Maintenance Services Provider

Choosing commercial building maintenance companies must not be an afterthought; but unfortunately, building managers tend to focus on the interior of the building. That is where people actually work and engage. However, the first thing any tenant, visitor or passerby sees is the building’s exterior. As further explained by Construction Executive, “More often than not, businesses focus more on their interior. This means the interior of workplace environments are constantly evolving. However, it still boils down to the fact that the first thing customers and guests see is the exterior of a commercial building. Nowadays, buildings are more focused on structural design and structural soundness. Unfortunately, for structural design to be efficient, it must include the quality of visual appeal.” It’s also confusing to figure out what types of services are needed and how to approach each aspect of the building from the façade to the parking areas. Let’s take a closer look at the top services you need to be on the lookout for when choosing a services provider. 

Façade Repair and Restoration

The first service to leverage is façade repair and restoration. The building façade might be composed of windows, concrete, and other materials. Paints can chip over time, and metal may rust. Commercial building maintenance services begin with recognizing the need to keep the exterior in the right condition based on the materials used in construction. It’s that simple. 

Exterior Waterproofing

Next, it’s imperative to choose a commercial building maintenance facilities service company that offers much more than simple repainting of the façade or cracks. It’s important to focus on waterproofing and sealant services. Without adequate waterproofing, the building will undoubtedly become a hodge-podge of mold, mildew and pathogens. Moreover, failures within the building envelope — the waterproof sealant to the outside — amounts to higher energy costs and diminishes the integrity of building materials. Working with properly trained commercial building maintenance contractors that know how to assess the building envelope and address potential issues before they become large-scale problems can help.

Window Cleaning and Sealing

Any strategy for waterproofing naturally implies a need for window sealing, and like the windows of a home, commercial window cleaning and sealing should be on your list of services. While window cleaning sounds simple enough, commercial building facility managers need to realize that it’s a complex undertaking and presents numerous safety risks if attempted without the right training and window washing equipment. Choosing the right partner eliminates those risks. 

Parking Garage Repair and Concrete Repair or Restoration

After considering the exterior maintenance and building services that your company needs, it’s also vital to examine the condition of the material beneath you. This isn’t a euphemism but rather the absolute need to maintain the concrete assets of your business — whether that’s a parking garage, concrete lot, or concrete walkways in front of the building. Concrete cures over months and may become cracked, and any crack is an opportunity for water to enter and become trapped. When the water freezes, it erodes the strength and stability of the concrete, but again, the right services partner can help. By leveraging the fundamentals of concrete maintenance, including the use of fibers and additives, concrete can be strengthened. That’s not to say that issues will not arise but rather that the right partner can help prevent issues from arising and will work diligently to address them when they occur. 

Added Safety System Maintenance

The building exterior also includes an array of safety systems designed to keep occupants and passersby healthy and safe: pardon the redundancy. Rooftop anchorage evaluations can keep window washing and sealant teams safe. Additionally, the required routine maintenance of such systems helps to keep liability in check. Depending on the design of the building, safety system maintenance might include OSHA-compliance inspections and even the maintenance of fire safety systems. It all depends on the types of assets within the building

Get All the Commercial Building Maintenance Services Covered With a Single Company Partnership

Keeping the curb appeal of your building in excellent status begins with ensuring the integrity of your building’s façade, maximizing waterproofing, and keeping everything in tip-top condition. Stop trying to manage your building with disparate service providers and bring harmony to your strategy by choosing the right partner. 

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