July 14, 2021

Commercial Waterproofing Contractors Safety Considerations

Commercial waterproofing contractors often take on extra-occupational hazards for their jobs. They deal with high-rise commercial buildings and frequently work on the outside of the building. The risks for contractors increase if they are untrained or unskilled and do not work together in their respective teams. Waterproofing commercial buildings can lead to serious injury, or even death, if not taken seriously. 

1. Ensure Commercial Waterproofing Contractors Work in Teams

Part of enhanced safety measures means ensuring commercial waterproofing contractors work in teams. This prevents one person from being alone to perform the work of two or even three people. Teams can spot one another and report an injury the moment it happens. 

2. Conduct Regular Screenings for Alcohol or Drug Use That Could Impair a Worker’s Abilities

Another essential safety tip is to screen all contractors regularly for drug or alcohol use that could impair their abilities to perform safely and adeptly. Commercial waterproofing contractors work in hazardous conditions, often several feet off the ground, with potentially caustic materials. The risk significantly rises with the use of drugs or alcohol. 

3. Test High-Rise Maintenance Equipment Regularly and Prior to Every Use

Many pieces of equipment need certifications to use them. Lifts and other mechanical tools that aid commercial contractors need for proactive and preventative maintenance. Not doing so could affect its functionality and potentially harm those who use it. BuildingEnclosureOnline.com states waterproofing a building is the first line of defense for protecting a structure. Doing so correctly requires functional equipment for high-rise buildings, so be sure to test them regularly before each use to prevent issues and injuries. 

4. Disinfect All Surfaces After Use

Cleaning surfaces between uses should always be a best practice; however, enhanced cleaning measures are required due to the pandemic. The spread of the disease is lower Outdoors, but with many hands touching the equipment daily, it is best to disinfect them as a standard practice. Other risks to consider are the buildup of debris that could prevent a machine from working. This may lead to considerably larger repairs for the equipment needed for waterproofing services and commercial waterproofing contractors

5. Only Work With Contractors That Go Through Rigorous Safety Training

Safety is probably the most important and effective tool in a commercial waterproofing contractors’ belt. It is imperative that building proprietors only hire those with a high safety standard. Not only is it important for the work on the commercial building, it reduces liability for the building owner. The disregard of safety practices leads to sloppy work that will likely need to be redone. Do not shell out double the cost, hire the right contractors the first time. 

Apply These Safety Tips to Improve Efficiency and Keep Liability in Check

Occupational hazards are a given due to the nature of the work. Exposure to the elements, height risks, potential mold or mildew, dust and other harmful materials can quickly leave a team hurt and a building owner out of a contractor. Applying these safety tips and best practices will improve efficiency by ensuring the work is executed correctly and on time. Commercial waterproofing contractors keep their liability in check by putting safety first, thus reducing the liability to owners. Request a consultation with The JOBS Group to learn more today.