May 12, 2021

Tips on How to Wash Commercial Windows

For commercial cleaning companies, one important service is how to wash commercial windows. Window washing in itself typically does not require much effort. However, commercial window washing remains a delicate and hazardous task for the untrained. Many details go into the washing of commercial windows that building managers and operators must not overlook for the value of their building and the safety of their teams. 

Begin Small by Prioritizing Windows That Impact Curb Appeal

Part of how to wash commercial windows stems from the desire to have a building people want to visit—beginning small by putting windows more likely to impact curb appeal. In other words, washing windows allows proprietors to maintain cleanliness and vanity for their buildings. Ultimately, this attracts customers and potential tenants, which would drive their profits in an upward trend. 

Use the Proper Cleaning Supplies

The use of the proper supplies and chemicals on a building continues to be paramount in maintaining the longevity of commercial buildings. The wrong chemicals may damage windows or important waterproofing features that keep the elements from damaging the structure. Knowing how to wash commercial windows includes utilizing the proper supplies. The wrong squeegee could allow for time-consuming tasks, which would cost more for building owners. The incorrect chemicals could allow for streaking or damage. The proper techniques and supplies must be used. 

Keep Safety a Priority

Commercial window washing cannot be taken lightly. The highrise buildings that require lifts to access windows pose obvious hazards and are fall risks. The safety of any commercial window washing team is paramount. Building proprietors also face the risk of liability if anyone becomes injured on their property. Properly trained staff will keep everyone safe and also prevent any mistakes that will need to be fixed or replaced in the future, costing more in the long term. 

Streamline Window Washing with Sealant Inspections

The best teams that know how to wash commercial windows are also skilled in other areas such as waterproofing commercial buildings. This invaluable skill allows the team to inspect sealants on the windows and structures surrounding their worksite for any potential catastrophic damage. By doing so, they save the building owners and managers money and also provide that next-level customer service.  

Consult Professionals

The most important part of how to wash commercial windows lies within a consultation. Consult professionals before proceeding with any service, especially before attempting a DIY to save money. Preserving the building envelope is key to the success of any structure and eventually requires repairs, according to FacilitiesNet. The right team assists by checking the sealant for issues as well. This is why it is so important to choose the right team—protecting the owner and the business interests, one window at a time. 

Follow the Steps to Success, and Consider Outsourcing Building Exterior Needs

Ultimately, following the steps to success will lead to cleaner windows and attract more tenants. There are plenty of building exterior needs managers need to outsource. They are not expected to keep up with the requirements of the issues they are not trained for. It only makes sense to outsource how to wash commercial windows and other occupationally hazardous tasks.  Commercial window cleaning can be an enormous feat for proprietors who do not know where to start. Hiring professionals from the beginning will ease this burden. Hiring experts also reduces the liability for building owners and leaves the windows looking shiny and new. Request a consultation with The JOBS Group to get started.