January 19, 2021

What’s Involved in Commercial Window Cleaning?

In-house janitorial services cannot take care of all the window cleaning needs due to the scale or scope of the job. And that’s when it’s time to look at the value of hiring commercial window cleaning experts. While it may increase costs initially for owners or managers, choosing the right company saves time and money. Although looking for a professional and trustworthy company takes time, it’s well worth the effort. For that reason, building owners need to know why and what’s involved with commercial window cleaning.

Safety and Expert Training to Avoid Injury

Commercial window cleaning guidelines and requirements are often created by local code enforcement, OSHA, and other regulatory bodies. These regulations are absolute. According to the Safety and Health Magazine, “the guide is intended to help window cleaners who complete commercial work, residential work or construction cleaning identify and avoid hazards related to chemicals; electrical work; slips, trips, and falls; razor scrapers; and weather. The guide also covers employer and employee requirements for personal protective equipment under OSHA’s standard on walking-working surfaces.” Recognizing the risks in commercial work requires safety training. Let’s face facts. Not everyone is ready to hang from a platform 100+ feet above the ground. Now imagine the safety considerations that come into play working on a 50-story building. It’s extreme and requires advanced safety training.

Operating the Window Cleaning Platform

Commercial window cleaning is a delicate process that requires a unique set of skills. Window cleaning, especially at great heights on commercial buildings, needs a steady and controlled hand. Operating multiple controls to adjust and move the cleaning platform also takes hands-on experience. Add to that the specialized equipment used in commercial window cleaning, and it’s easy to see why expert providers become necessary.

Evaluating Windows for Signs of Stress, Including Cracks

High-rise buildings can be challenging to inspect due to their sheer size and inaccessibility. Commercial window cleaning experts are often the first line of defense in maintaining appearance and integrity. That amounts to inspecting for signs of wear, tear, and damage. Staying in touch with the cleaning team helps management stay on top of possible minor damage. In turn, that will help make it easier to take care of problems before they get out of hand. And that’s just one of the fantastic benefits of working with a commercial window cleaning team.

Repair and Maintenance for Minor Issues

Working with a team of commercial window cleaning experts includes more than cleaning services. It should expand to basic repair and maintenance needs, such as repairing minor cracks or chips. This helps the building adhere to protocols, codes, safety regulations, and requirements. Simultaneously, open communication is essential between the commercial window cleaning team and all other parties involved in building maintenance. That collaborative infrastructure within a dedicated company, scaling up to include sealant services when necessary, will ensure problems are promptly found, reported, repaired, and inspected.

Find the Right, Experienced Commercial Window Cleaning Team 

When qualifying the right provider to handle window cleaning, look for an experienced and trained team for the job. JOBS-AMST founder LaRue Coleman wrote the rules and guidelines for maximizing and leveraging the right strategy for exterior building maintenance. And those services are available today. Request a consultation with JOBS-AMST to get started.