November 20, 2020

Get the Most Value from Your Commercial Window Cleaning Company

Dirty windows impact more than your vision, they can also reflect poorly on your building’s image. Your janitorial staff can only do so much. But they are not equipped to perform hazardous window cleaning on high-rise buildings. That task requires the expertise of a commercial window cleaning company

Window cleaning is so much more than maintaining pristine windows. This service can have a big impact on a building’s total value. As reported by Facility Executive, recurring services are “performed on existing buildings to bring them up to modern trends and performance levels, with the purpose of reselling at a higher market value, or to lure new prospective tenants.” With so much at stake, it’s important to thoroughly research, vet, and choose the right commercial window cleaning company. Use this checklist to aid the process.

1. Ongoing Worker Training 

Look for a commercial window cleaning company that takes time to professionally train employees. This should involve field training and continuous evaluation of individual progress. Trainees should be partnered with other expert staff and never left alone to ensure they can demonstrate the ability to perform all job duties properly. Having experts train workers properly will produce more experts to perform the job. 

2. Multiple Capabilities with a Team Approach

A full-service commercial window cleaning company with multiple capabilities will add value and save both time and money. Look for a provider that also performs waterproofing, pressure washing, and leak inspection and repair

For example, if the window cleaning crew identifies an obvious crack in the window sealant which cannot be immediately repaired, they can report the issue to the waterproofing team for assistance. It is imperative that window cleaning workers can identify issues beyond their capability and report them in a timely manner.  

3. Risk Mitigation to Prevent Property Damage

The right commercial window cleaning company can tackle unplanned occupational risks that could lead to property damage, such as swaying platforms in the wind or broken motors in the equipment.  Without process knowledge and expertise, property damage can easily occur resulting in tension between a proprietor and the contractor, as well as excess costs for both.  

4. Equipment Expertise

All jobs are unique. Prior to executing window cleaning, the job must be researched, risks assessed, and equipment checked. Special planning and consideration should be given when rooftop equipment is necessary.  For example, poor communication between staff on the window platform and on the roof could lead to error. If a single motion is executed improperly, it could result in damage, driving up the overall cost of ownership, not to mention the increased risk of injury. 

5. Business Protocols to Meet OSHA and Industry Safety Standards

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is an agency established to require businesses to provide safe and healthy working conditions. Following the building and OSHA codes are uniform for all businesses operating around the country. And as a building owner, it is always your responsibility to remain compliant. Staying compliant reduces liability for the proprietor and removes the possibility of being fined for not following the guidelines. Being compliant is important for the safety and health of every employee for the owner and the contractor.

Choose a Proven, Experienced Commercial Window Cleaning Company

There’s a grave risk and massive liability when it comes to servicing the exterior of high-rise buildings and even mid-rise buildings. Instead of putting your building’s reputation on the line, think about how an expert helps to minimize that risk and streamlines the process. JOBS Group has over 50 years of experience in commercial window cleaning. Contact us today for a free quote.