May 19, 2021

Commercial Window Washing Equipment: Typical Costs of Buying In-House Versus Outsourcing

Of all the issues present in owning a large building, one would not think commercial window washing equipment would be a present and pressing topic. One area of concern plaguing building proprietors lies within the cleanliness of the windows. Pristine windows attract new customers or tenants to buildings. The cleanliness of a facility may hold specific implications. With this in mind, building owners need to consider the cost of maintaining the exterior of their building and whether to purchase equipment in-house or outsource.

In House Equipment Carries a Steep Upfront Cost

From cleaning solutions to squeegees, purchasing commercial window washing equipment brings a hefty initial cost. While convenient to have on hand, commercial-grade equipment for buildings, large and small, is costly. No one-size-fits-all kit will suffice for just any business. Obviously, some equipment, such as the scaffolding or platform represents some of the biggest costs, pushing some building managers to consider purchasing refurbished equipment. Regardless, the trick is to realize that everything comes with a cost, and having an expert view to know what’s right and proper is essential, says FaciltiiesNet. Depending on the size of the building and the number of windows will determine the supplies needed. The larger the windows or structure, the higher the costs. 

In House Equipment May Fail Unexpectedly

Equipment may fail in the long-term or entirely out of the blue. Purchasing commercial window washing equipment in-house use will result in the business absorbing those costs. This leaves either outsourcing the window washing or purchasing all new equipment. Either way, unsuccessful gear proves costly. One way to combat high costs for building managers and operators, be sure to protect the equipment via protection plans or insurance. 

In House Equipment Requires Maintenance That Adds to Total Cost of Ownership

In-house equipment carries the potential to break down instantly; it also requires proper maintenance to prevent such breakdowns. Purchasing commercial window washing equipment is an investment for commercial buildings. It needs the appropriate upkeep to extend its life, be beneficial for businesses, and lowers costs in the long term. It can add to the total cost of ownership, but if taken care of, it will be great for owners. 

In House Commercial Window Washing Equipment May Result in Using the Wrong Equipment

Purchasing commercial window washing equipment for in-house use poses the potential issue of utilizing improper equipment. Not using the correct equipment may also damage the equipment. It may also strip the windows of their protective barriers, such as sealants. The team member responsible for washing the windows may use the wrong equipment resulting in streaky or damaged windows. All of these lead to a higher total cost of ownership. 

In House Puts the Liability for Damage to Equipment on Your Team

Issues such as applying the incorrect commercial window washing equipment to wash the windows place liability for damage on your team. Absorbing those costs can be detrimental to businesses, especially if it is a smaller business. Owners must be wary of the potential long-term costs of using their team. 

Consult Professionals to Ease the Decision Making Process and Assist in Making Your Assessment 

The only “sure” way of reducing the long-term costs of commercial window washing equipment woes would be to consult professionals. Using them as a research tool can prove beneficial and assist in deciding to invest in the equipment or simply leave it up to them. They can help make sure you do not break the budget.  Outsourcing or in-house, commercial window washing equipment and the decision to integrate it into your business should not be taken lightly. Either way, washing the windows and absorbing the costs is just part of ownership or management. Request a consultation with JOBS to get started.