June 16, 2021

Tips to Enable Commercial Building Waterproofing

All building owners and managers want the same thing for their waterproofing services: ensure commercial building waterproofing is done right, safely, and within budget to keep planned costs in check. Providing commercial building waterproofing means guaranteeing a quality job using the best materials that will extend the life of the building. This also means keeping unwanted elements and pests out of the building, or its envelope explains Business Standard. Most experts will need to begin inspecting the most common entryways for moisture, like windows or vents. Managers or owners need to vet contractors before making their final decision, conduct regular inspections to avoid costly repairs, and choose the correct sealant for the building. These are among many best practices for commercial building waterproofing

1. Start With Common Water Entryways, Near Vents, Windows, & Exhaust Pipes

Building inspectors must assess each piece of the building envelope for the most common entryways for the elements. Windows, doors, vents, exhaust pipes, and other easily accessible places for moisture to gain entry need an added layer of protection. Commercial building waterproofing will ensure those common entry points will be locked, sealed, and ready to block out water or bugs. Without waterproofing, the damage can be costly, but proper waterproofing can even prevent a total loss. The importance of sealant services speaks to more than just keeping the building standing.

2. Thoroughly Vet Waterproofing Contractors Before Selection

One of the essential steps to take when contracting waterproofing services, particularly for commercial buildings, would be to vet the contractors. Integrity, honesty, reasonable pricing, and hard-working contractors are hard to come by. Thoroughly vetting contractors can prevent careless mistakes that lead to increased liability for business owners. The right contractor also knows building materials inside and out. They can quickly recognize what materials work best for the project to provide the most extended lifespan for the building. They will prevent costs over the long term but doing the project right the first time, with suitable materials to ensure commercial building waterproofing

3. Conduct Regular Inspections to Ensure Commercial Building Waterproofing

Even with the right contractor, perfect materials, and mild weather, everything wears down over time. Commercial building waterproofing works to reduce the number of short-term repairs. The best practice for preventing future major repairs for waterproofing would be to conduct regular inspections to watch for breakage or normal wear and tear in the sealants. Regular inspections can catch those significant repairs before they become substantial problems. These are all part of preventative maintenance that every building proprietor should consider when it comes to keeping the facade of the building looking great and withstanding the elements of nature over time. 

4. Choose the Right Sealant Based on the Construction of the Building

Not all buildings were made equal. They also do not contain the same materials and should be treated as such. Although several types of sealants exist, the most used among experts for commercial building waterproofing is silicone. Silicone lasts decades and is relatively easy to repair and clean, especially for high-rise commercial buildings. Choose the proper sealant based on the construction materials to get the most life out of the service. 

5. Ensure the Contractors Are Properly Licensed and Trained

Appropriately trained and licensed contractors will be the most valuable asset to a building owner. They reduce the liability for owners because their training will reduce accidents. They also ensure commercial building waterproofing will last many years because they are experts. Experts with these qualities also reduce potential delays by being knowledgeable and ordering suitable materials. 

Ensure Commercial Building Waterproofing That Will Last Years by Partnering With an Expert

The livelihood of your building and its tenants depends on ensuring safety and avoiding damage to the construction of the building due to failures in the waterproofing membrane. Start by following the above-listed tips, and ensure success by partnering with the right contractor and service provider to keep costs under control. Request a consultation with The JOBS Group to get started today.