August 17, 2021

The Top Causes of Commercial Building Water Damage

Facility managers overseeing commercial buildings have a lot vying for their time and attention, each task just as important as others when it comes to building management and maintenance. However, detecting and addressing water damage to commercial buildings remains one of the most critical tasks of facility management. 

Importance of Water Damage Inspections

Commercial property water damage can be reduced and often avoided by identifying possible problem areas and addressing water intrusion concerns. Knowing the top causes of commercial building water damage makes the entire process simpler and more accessible. As highlighted by Water Damage America Inc, “data from a survey conducted by the American Housing Survey of the U.S. Census showed that out of 100 representatives of U.S. office buildings, 85% of these are past water damage, while 45% are experiencing current leaks.” Commercial water damage restoration services are in high demand because proper inspection is essential for high-rise building management and maintenance. 

Damaged Roofing Components

The roofing system is among the most vital components of any high-rise or commercial building. Any damage to the roof can lead to water intrusion on some level. Minor water leaks can trickle into lower areas of the building and cause damage, both seen and unseen. Regularly scheduled roof inspections and proper maintenance by building managers can reduce the chances of commercial property water damage from a leaky roof, which will help avoid the costs associated with commercial water damage clean up and restoration.

Damaged Pipes and Sprinklers

Another common source of commercial water damage originates with the plumbing system. Old and rusty pipes, worn-out seams, and other damages can cause pipes to crack and leak over time. Everything from the traditional plumbing system to the advanced sprinkler system can cause water damage when something goes wrong. All indications of possible leaks or damage must be addressed sooner rather than later.

Worn Out HVAC System

The heating and cooling system is an invaluable part of any commercial or retail space. However, without proper maintenance and upkeep by building managers and operators, an old HVAC system can become a source of water damage concerns. Heating and cooling systems that don’t perform as designed can lead to extensive damage over time that requires advanced commercial water damage restoration to address and repair.

Unchecked Window Damage

One thing most high-rise buildings have an abundance of is windows. While they are a vital part of a building’s overall structure and design, they also offer an easy water entry point. Whether from the elements or maintenance work such as window washing, water intrusion around windows is far more common than many realize. Commercial and retail water damage from leaky windows, thankfully, can easily be mitigated.

Poor Waterproofing Maintenance

Creating an impermeable building waterproofing envelope helps to prevent water from getting in and causing damage. Many commercial water damage clean-ups end up occurring due to poorly maintained envelopes and seals. Cracks in window seals and worn-out coatings on the building’s exterior can allow water to seep in and damage internal components and structures easily.

Combat the Top Causes of Commercial Building Water Damage by Choosing the Right Service Provider

Keeping up with routine building maintenance and exterior upkeep remains one of the best things facility managers can do to protect against water damage to commercial buildings. From proper inspection and upkeep to quick response to known issues, fighting against water intrusion and damage can seem like a never-ending battle. For the best high-rise building management and commercial water damage restoration services, contact JOB Group today to learn more.