August 19, 2021

What Is a Building Envelope & When Is It Time for Building Envelope Restoration?

Building proprietors must protect their most valuable asset, and to do so, they must address issues like commercial water damage to a building envelope. Many layers make up the building envelope. Building owners need to assess if repairs or restoration are needed. Knowing is only half of the battle; management staff and owners cannot easily determine which course of action is best to take for their facility if they do not fully understand the functions of the structure. Hiring contractors specializing in building waterproofing services or commercial water damage clean-up helps keep the building envelope intact, the elements out, and the value positive, and that begins with understanding the questions: what is a building envelope, and what are the types of building envelopes available?

What Is a Building Envelope?

Essentially, the building envelope definition is easy to understand. The building envelope consists of any materials making up the space between the interior and the exterior. Each part of the envelope is vital to the structural integrity of the building. For the most part, the building envelope consists of waterproofing the building, meaning any seals, windows, the foundation, floors, or anything that works to keep the elements out of the interior. The use of exterior maintenance solutions such as commercial water damage restoration or commercial water damage clean-up assists building managers and owners with routine maintenance, repairs, or restoration when needed. The types of building envelopes might also vary. For instance, a glass envelope will have a different set of needs than a concrete envelope. 

Signs the Building Envelope Is Failing

When planning routine upkeep, owners should consider commercial building maintenance and the signs that the external envelope of a building is on the road to failure. Sometimes the building envelope inevitably fails, making the building vulnerable to hazards like commercial property water damage. Some tell-tale signs of the envelope failing include broken windows or faulty heat seals within the windows, or damage to the insulation, caulk, or ventilation systems. In addition to these obvious signs, breakthroughs of moisture and other elements can threaten the health of the building’s occupants. Obvious signs of damage can be easier to locate, but routine maintenance will keep the property value high while also extending its longevity. 

Ways to Improve the Integrity of the Envelope

Services like commercial caulking or building envelope restoration help improve and protect a property’s envelope. These services can get expensive quickly, so routine maintenance will help keep these from happening prematurely. Brief daily inspections by building maintenance can help pinpoint obvious signs of damage to the building. This alone can help prevent minor issues from becoming costly restorations. 

If proprietors are building their property, choosing the right construction materials for the job matters. The best materials are moisture-resistant and ideally low-maintenance. According to BDC University, adding air barriers can also serve as another line of defense. These tips and more keep different threats from penetrating the building exterior and will ensure a valuable, stable property. 

Choose the Right Solutions Provider to Reduce Your Risk

From start to finish, building owners and managers must understand their property’s needs. For building owners, managers, or maintenance workers, it is imperative to know the building materials to ensure their longevity. Knowing what lies between the interior and the exterior will help guide building owners and maintenance staff in using materials or components that will not compromise the structure. Building owners must practice proactive maintenance to reduce the likelihood of costly issues like commercial water damage. The best advice: consult and hire professionals before construction or repairs. Trusting professionals that offer services like commercial building waterproofing will help prevent any moisture breakthrough without compromising the integrity of the building. Contact JOBS Group for more information on how to save your building envelope.