August 10, 2021

What Is & a Checklist for Building Façade Maintenance Repair and Inspection

Façade maintenance is frequently a vital part of discussions among building managers and maintenance teams, but what exactly is involved with a façade inspection? The short answer is always changing and depends on the unique needs of the building. The requirements for a façade inspection depend upon several unique factors and the quality of the work performed. Why? It all goes back to the need for continuously monitoring the building façade and all that entails, including waterproofing, sealants, or even repainting/refinishing of metals and other materials. Ultimately, building façade restoration is an essential part of routine commercial building maintenance, and it’s important to understand why a checklist for façade work is critical to keeping tabs on everything.

Why a Building Facade Checklist Is Valuable

Proper maintenance of a building’s exterior enhances aesthetics and the health of occupants, tenants, and passersby. A well-maintained façade can extend the life of the building itself and ensures employees, visitors, and the general public stay safe in and around the structure by avoiding risk of falling material or fall hazards. Regardless, the façade is complex and requires an array of services to maintain the best appearance. A well-rounded maintenance program includes window washing, crack repair in concrete façade work, stonework inspection, façade cleaning, painting and sealing of porous materials, and routine repair work conducted by expert building façade contractors. The maintenance program can also serve as a road map and show facility managers where to go and what to look for as they go about the business of  commercial building maintenance and repair. 

What the Checklist Tells Building Managers About Current Building Status

With a checklist in hand, building managers can better coordinate with the inspection team and thoroughly examine all critical areas of the building’s exterior. At some sites, a simple visual inspection might suffice, while other sites might require team members to get close enough to physically touch certain aspects of the façade structure. According to, “more complicated façade inspections involve coordinating a traffic plan for the temporary street closure, coordinating the mobilization, setup, and teardown of the swingstage or articulating manlift, scheduling the police detail, [and] pulling the street closure permits.” By working with skilled and experienced experts, building managers can get a better idea of the current building status and whether it requires work. A detailed checklist for façade concerns ensures nothing is accidentally overlooked during planned building services and helps to incorporate additional needs when they become evident.

A Checklist for Building Facade Maintenance, Repair and Inspection

The best facility managers carefully plan and coordinate inspection and repair work to minimize disruption and ensure safe working environments. A building façade maintenance, repair and inspection checklist can help managers and repair teams ensure all vital areas are addressed, known issues or concerns are looked into, and potential problem areas get exceptional care and attention. Key areas of focus usually include the following:

  • Check all sealants/caulking, including windows and doors, for integrity with destructive testing methods.
  • Inspect glazing and painting for chips or signs of damage and wear.
  • Conduct prior repair work inspection.
  • Review concrete/stone/terra cotta repairs and concrete restoration work.
  • Conduct an inspection of the waterproofing envelope.
  • Check acrylic and other coatings.
  • Assess wall flashing for overall condition.
  • Check brick for signs of damage or quality of repairs.
  • Identify whether issues are caused by poor craftsmanship or weathering and element exposure.
  • Check balcony concrete repairs.
  • Inspect balcony deck coatings.
  • Inspect roofing components that attach to or are used in the maintenance of the façade.
  • Assess the condition of skylights or chimneys
  • Check stucco repair/replacement quality, taking care to not damage recent work.
  • Check for possible damage caused by facade cleaning/pressure washing
  • Review the appearance of the façade to determine if increasing the frequency of pressure washing and cleaning is necessary.
  • Address emergency leak repairs with teams ready to create a short-term seal and report the issue to the proper person in the commercial building services company.

Every building is different and thus will require various levels of inspection. A robust building façade inspection is critical to protecting business investments and extending the life of any commercial structure.

Improve the Exterior of Your Buildings by Partnering With the Experts

A building’s construction is critical for its overall integrity and longevity, and maintaining its façade extends the longevity of the basic materials used in its construction. A professional inspection and maintenance company will take care of the external structures of commercial buildings, letting your team focus on the interior and serving your clientele. This kind of hands-on inspection and repair service is also vital for medical centers, educational facilities, industrial parks, parking structures, office spaces, retail buildings, and other public venues. Quite simply, any building will need maintenance designed to meet its unique needs. Getting the finest in building facade maintenance repair and inspection is easy with the right partnership. Improve aesthetics and find the right building facade contractors for your unique needs by partnering with The JOBS Group.