[WHITE PAPER] The State of the Elevator Industry in Relation to Maintenance & Upkeep

Elevator Cab Refinishing

Builders erect new skyscrapers and multi-story buildings each year. This creates a growing demand for elevators. However, as the technology and structure of buildings evolve so too must the elevator industry. 

Many aspects accompany the changing industry, including the type of consumers. Keeping up with the industry requires keeping up with society and its dynamic needs. Many building owners want tenants that will increase their profits. To help building owners attract and retain the right clientele, this white paper will explore:

  • The actual trends of growth and renovations within the elevator industry.
  • The catalysts of renewed interest in maintaining or redesigning building elevators.
  • The differences between elevator redesign and new construction and how those factors affect cost and aesthetics.
  • A few things building owners need to know to reduce costs for elevator upkeep.