Architectural Surfaces

Replacement of Stone and Metals When Necessary

While stone and metals can last ages, damage may occur and require full replacement.

Assistance in Choosing New Materials

Depending on the use of stone or metal and location within the building, it’s not as simple as replacing stone with metal or vice versa. The JOBS Group can help consider the total costs over time and choose the best material for your brand.

Installation of New Materials

The JOBS Group can further help you attain the right aesthetic with safety-focused contractors that install, waterproof, and test new architectural surfaces to maximize longevity.

A Strong Focus on Safety

It’s worth reiterating that the JOBS Group understands the true liability in undertaking skyscraper maintenance involving stone or metal replacement. With the experience to back up the name, the JOBS Group combines decades of real-world skills, expertise sitting on the building code committees and award-winning service.

Different Treatments to Create New Looks

While choosing a plain metal or stone is great, different treatments, including crystallization or blackening can add a new layer of depth to the replacement and ensure your building delivers on its aesthetic promises.