December 9, 2021

Window Washers in Dallas Swap Squeegees for Branches for Galleria Christmas Tree

Thinking about window washers in Dallas or other areas likely brings to mind scaling building exteriors, exterior roof flashing, and exterior insulation finish systems. But when the buildings are not in need, what other types of commercial construction are they responsible for, and how do they work together? Those are questions that April Building Services, a member company of The JOBS Group, can answer more festively than others. Window washers in Dallas are the team members that assemble an icon of the Dallas holiday season—the Christmas tree inside the Galleria Dallas, a premier destination for high-end shopping, dining, culture, and entertainment.

What’s Unique About Building the Christmas Tree for the Galleria?

The Christmas tree in the Galleria ice rink is not a living tree, but it has a unique skeleton of solid steel. It’s assembled over three days. The Galleria Christmas tree is 95 feet tall and shines brightly with nearly 500,000 bulbs, noted news station KDFW. It’s not just putting the frame together that presents a unique challenge. It’s bringing specialized lifts to hoist the frame pieces together and scaling the structure to lock each portion into place. 

That’s where window washers in Dallas really get into the spirit of the season. As window washers, their expertise and dedication to safety are unmatched. Safety is the cornerstone of any project, and with the eyes of Dallas shoppers watching their every move, nothing is left to chance. 

The team from April Building Services works closely with the Galleria personnel and a full workshop of decorators to add every pre-decorated and wired branch to the tree. And as experts in building services, they help to ensure a cheer-filled spectacle when it’s finished. 

Of course, there are a few other factors at play:

  • All staff members follow top-notch safety protocols, using a double lanyard to avoid injury and ensuring all safety systems’ equipment is inspected, tested, and used correctly.
  • All are certified in the operation of the atrium lift by the manufacturer, which is particularly important as this lift requires delicate handling and precision control to avoid injury during commercial construction in a busy shopping mall. 

But even those factors alone are overshadowed by the absolute amazement of the Galleria tree. 

It’s assembled in three days and taken down in one!

The need for urgency, safety, and perfection is absolute, and those qualities have endured since The JOBS Group first began working with the Galleria on this annual project in the mid-1990s.

Tony Schiber, Vice President of April Building Services, supervised the project and expressed his thoughts over what it takes to create this one-of-a-kind masterpiece on the backdrop of the Dallas lifestyle and festivities.

“The Galleria Christmas Tree has evolved over time. Its height, lights, and structure take a dedicated team of experts that works across not only April Building Services but building engineers, janitorial services and others. With nearly 30 years’ worth of set-ups and tear-downs for this particular project, we’ve expanded our safety focus and are continuously looking for a better and more effective way to work. I’m proud to see the tree up again and bringing smiles to the masses.”

When Height and Quality Are Integral to Your Facility’s Needs, Turn to the Window Washers in Dallas at The JOBS Group and April Building Services

Christmas in 2021 is unique. It marks a return to a sense of normalcy after the past two years, and the Galleria Christmas tree must be perfect. That’s why Galleria management once again chose April Building Services for the job. Now that the tree is ready and bringing merriment to all, be sure to check it out and learn more about what The JOBS Group offers. Also, if you do decide to enjoy the ice, here’s a final thought. Be like our team, do so safely. Request a consultation with The JOBS Group to learn more about how our team can breathe new life into your building’s exterior and unique needs today.