October 29, 2020

4 Reasons to Give Your Elevator a Lift

Outdated or updated, the elevator tells your story on every floor. The best way to go from mundane to memorable is with elevator cab refinishing. As explained by Medium.com, “Stained, cracked or dented panels tell tales of abuse, neglect, and create undesirable impressions on existing and potential clients. Elevator interior remodeling is a necessary part of elevator maintenance and it serves as an opportunity to re-construct the face of your business.” 

Here are the top 4 reasons to refinish the elevator cab:

A New Aesthetic

New building ownership, re-branding, or changing preferences are common reasons to update the elevator so that it is consistent with other areas of the building. Refinishing and redesign may include removal or replacement of wall panels, applying lacquer, adding metallic features, and updating or adding new lighting.

Attract Tenants

You’ve heard the adage, ‘perception is reality.’ As one of the first areas encountered, the elevator can set the tone for the building. If the aesthetic is appealing, the business will be perceived more favorably.  Therefore, elevator cab refinishing is the perfect way to attract tenants while also ensuring safe and efficient transportation throughout the building. 

Maintain Code Compliance

Having an outdated elevator cab poses a potential safety risk to those who ride within its walls. Avoid legal liabilities, decrease the likelihood of accidents, and increase your ROI with elevator refinishing services. Part of the procedure ensures that all components are compliant with building safety codes including electrical wiring (i.e. no exposed wires) as well as weight and balance.

Protection from Wear & Tear

With countless passengers, elevators experience a tremendous amount of wear and tear over time. Coatings and finishes are stripped away by human oils and cleaning solvents. Freight can scuff and ding various areas of the cab. Elevator refinishing will help protect the interior and make the cab look like new again.


JOBS Group has over 15 years of elevator cab design, fabrication, and installation experience. We work with you to understand your aesthetic, choose building materials, handle the details, and install a safe and timeless elevator. The end result is a better product, at the right cost, as soon as possible, and without sacrificing skill or quality. When you’re ready, we’ll give it a lift!