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Metal Refinishing

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Benefits include:

Metal Expertise

Maintaining and refinishing metal requires a unique approach that is customized to the type of metal in your building. Different products will be used on different metals. The process will vary, too, and our team will walk you through each detail. Our team is trained on materials and techniques to ensure the right product and process is used.

Treatment Expertise

Proper frequency for cleaning, polishing, and refinishing is dependent on the type of metal and type of treatment. For example, lacquered surfaces may require reapplication, refinishing, and semi-monthly polishing. Other surfaces will have different treatment plans. Our team will discuss with you the best approach to keep your surfaces shining.

Cleaning and Care

Our metal refinishing team will provide detailed instructions for your janitorial team on proper cleaning and care for surfaces throughout the building.

Ongoing Maintenance

Clients receiving metal refinishing services may also combine those services with semi-monthly polishing services and routine inspections to ensure metals are kept in good condition, lowering total cost of ownership and extending brand value.

Preventative Solutions

The frequency of polishing may be reduced by applying a proper coating or sealer, such as a clear coat to bronze or copper metals. This preventative treatment saves considerable dollars over time.