October 29, 2020

What Building Owners Need to Know About Commercial Waterproofing

The biggest reasons for working with expert commercial waterproofing contractors are easy to understand. Failure to maintain the waterproof seal will lead to leaks. As reported by Facility Executive, “Building envelope leaks typically occur at transitions between enclosure systems. All the products on the market—glass/window systems, weather-resistive barriers, and architectural panels, among others—are tested to see how long they will be effective. The systems that are installed on a building are expected to perform for the duration of the warranty. Moisture issues typically occur when one system transitions into another. These can lead to gaps in the protection of the building. Unfortunately, during construction, the responsibility for making sure these transitions are held to the same level of expectation can be a void in the matrix.” Rather than risking the integrity of your building, building owners and managers should think about these three ways an expert adds value and reduces risk.

1. Product Choice Matters

Waterproofing is essential to businesses and is important in protecting their assets. Over time, sealants will break, crack, wither and will need eventual repair, including removal of old materials, inspection of the surface, and application, not to mention potential destructive testing to ensure the repair lasts. Ultimately, all sealants fail at some point. The key to keeping the damage from causing additional costs lies in finding and fixing the problems with the right sealants for your unique building materials and location. 

For example, the two most common types of sealant are urethane and silicone. Silicone utilization is far more common due to its protective properties against ultraviolet (UV) ray breakdown and its overall endurance. Urethane is more common among masonry or projects that require painting, which will inevitably lead to additional services, like pressure washing. Furthermore, masonry projects that rely on urethane will require water applications to clean the materials, and commercial waterproofing contractors can help you tell the difference and choose the right material on the first service.

2. Experience Matters

Experience is key to the success of each waterproofing project. The more extensive the understanding and capability of commercial waterproofing contractors, the smaller the margin for error and delay. Experience reduces costs and streamlines work with a proven approach to comprehensive waterproofing services that consider the whole needs of the building within a budget. Executing each assignment accurately will avoid any delays in completion that could lead to any interruptions for businesses and clients. Remember, time is money.  Experience of commercial waterproofing contractors will assist in helping the facilities management team stay proactive and achieve core goals, including the following:


  • Adeptly perform basic and essential job functions. 
  • Reduce additional damage that could lead to added costs through repetitive work and failures to complete the job properly.
  • Reduce potential safety hazards and health risks.


3. Testing and Inspection Matters

Choosing the right commercial waterproofing contractor eliminates the need for a middleman while remaining confident in the services they receive. Commercial waterproofing contractors sometimes use a technique known as destructive testing, such as physically pulling on a sealant to see if it stays, will reveal any leaks, dry rot, or mold, and effectively pinpoint the problem.

Each service is accompanied by a professional inspection to ensure accuracy and durability for long-lasting waterproofing for your building. Remember that without an eye on the long-term costs of the project, waterproofing compounds or materials may fail. As a result, your total cost of ownership for the building will grow, effectively rendering all past activities useless until the job is completed correctly and properly. 

Work With an Expert Commercial Waterproofing Contractor

Remember that the goal of waterproofing services is to prevent the transmission of water to the areas of buildings that are supposed to stay dry and to give you peace of mind. Ultimately, any area where the elements enter through the building envelope represents an unnecessary risk. Fortunately, working with an expert helps to maximize the value and maintain the integrity of the building envelope, lowering costs and risks along the way and ensuring all the right materials are used. JOBS Group will protect your assets and keep water out. Contact us today for a free quote.