February 3, 2022

A Look at Parking Garage Restoration Services

Parking garage restoration falls under overarching parking garage maintenance. According to the Whole Building Design Guide, “One of the important aspects of parking facilities in their operations and maintenance. The constant use of parking facilities as an expected part of our infrastructure and as revenue-generating requires unique maintenance and operational needs. Maintenance is crucial due to its complete exposure to the weather.” However, those new to building management or facilities maintenance may be unsure of the actual budget expectations and maintenance needs that fall under this umbrella. Let’s take a closer look. 

Parking Garage Cost Considerations

The cost of parking garage maintenance can be high, but it is important to keep the garage in good condition to avoid any costly repairs or safety risks. Parking garage costs for maintenance vary widely depending on several factors.

The types of materials used in construction can significantly influence the cost of parking garage maintenance. For example, a parking garage built with materials that require frequent painting or sealing will undoubtedly cost more to maintain thanone made of materials that do not need such care. In addition, the climate and location of the garage can also play a role in how often it needs to be maintained. Garages in areas with high humidity levels, for example, may require more frequent maintenance than those in drier climates.

Parking Garage Restoration and Maintenance Are Essential

An important factor affecting the ROI of parking garage maintenance is who is responsible for providing those services. If a property owner contracts with an integrated building services provider to maintain the garage, the outsourced servicer may have the considerable buying power to provide maintenance materials at a lower rate. 

Building managers need to work with an expert in parking garage maintenance because parking garages are unique structures that require specific knowledge and experience to be properly operated and maintained. Furthermore, safety is of utmost importance in parking garage maintenance, so it’s critical to partner with a high-quality provider who can ensure the safety of your drivers and patrons. Thus, you can ensure that your parking garage is properly maintained and safe for drivers and passengers. This can help avoid any costly repairs or safety issues down the road.

What Type of Parking Garage Services Are Necessary?

There are a variety of parking garage repair services that are available to building owners and operators. These services can include anything from repairing structural damage to painting the garage. It is important to work with a company that offers a wide range of services to meet all of your needs in one place.

Some of the most common services offered for parking garages include:

  • Structural steel repairs, including replacement and structural concrete wraps and repairs
  • Urethane and epoxy injections, as well as traffic-bearing coatings, sealers, and water repellents
  • Expansion joints, routing, and sealing cracks
  • Restriping of parking spaces and designated areas
  • Concrete repair

Still, working with a parking garage services provider is crucial to avoiding issues and keeping the total cost of ownership in check. 

For example, the typical building manager may not know what type of parking garage services are right for each structure, including the differences between cure time and when the repaired areas can be reopened to patrons. 

Digging deeper into an example, consider epoxy versus urethane repairs. There are a few main differences between urethane and epoxy injections for parking garage repair. Urethane is a two-part system that cures quickly and is very strong. It can fix small cracks and is also resistant to water and oil. On the other hand, epoxy is a one-part system that cures slowly and is not as strong as urethane. It can only fix large cracks and is not resistant to water or oil.

The Big Picture: Parking Garage Restoration Must Not Be an Oversight

Parking garage restoration projects can be costly and time-consuming if not done correctly. That’s why it’s essential to work with an experienced team of professionals like The JOBS Group. We provide a range of services to meet your specific needs, ensuring the project is completed on time and within budget. Contact The JOBS Group today to start on your parking garage restoration project!